Outlast 2 Demo review

Satanism, burning crosses and little girls screaming, what more could you ask for? That’s what Outlast 2 has to offer to gamers. This first-person survival horror game is packed full of jumpscares, incantations and anti-Christian symbolism.

Outlast 2 is the sequel to Outlast (2014). The demo version of the sequel released in April and I have to admit this had my heart pounding. Goosebumps erupted as I was introduced to disturbing sounds and imagery. Outlast is known for its brutality; somewhat Christian elements like crosses, bible reading etc. and gore.

The sequel takes place in the Arizona desert where a reporter, Blake Langermann is sent with his wife, Lynn to uncover the truth of the murder of a pregnant woman, Jane Doe. Their helicopter crashes and Blake and Lynn are separated. You need to navigate Blake through the dark woods in search for his wife. The search did not go well for me. The visuals and attention to detail granted a more realistic experience and the soud effects brought me into the Outlast world.

When you explore the houses, you meet people with their heads resting on the table, surrounded in a pool of their own blood. What a lovely sight to come to! Walking out of the house; to your right you notice a vicar staring creepily at you. He slowly backs away into the woods and you know you’re in some crazy deep crap. Walking further on you come across room. In said room was a baby manger splattered in blood. One side contains an altar with a latin incantation book on it, and on the other side is a huge cross. I was creeped out but the next sight almost had me flipping my computer off the table.

To know the next sight, you need to play the game. The jumpscares were well crafted and had my heart rapidly beating throughout the game. At some point I needed a defribillator to restart my heart but … that wasn’t necessary. I thoroughly enjoyed the game and can’t wait for the whole game to be released in October this year. The gameplay will definitely be different to the demo because I assume you would play Blake’s wife, Lynn. Why not Blake? Well let’s just say that Blake has an unfortunate incident involving a demon ripping his genitals out with a pickaxe.

Like I said, Outlast is notable for its gore and brutality so please do try out the demo and I can guarantee you, you will love to hate the gore. Outlast is a fantastically made game and let’s hope we don’t end up in a cabin full of demons and bodies.


One thought on “Outlast 2 Demo review

  1. judiththereader says:

    Outlast is my favourite game to watch Let’s Plays of. I wish I could download the episodes and have them on a DVD; I watch them so regularly. I also loved the DLC and I’ve watched the Let’s Plays of that just as many times too. I’ve seen the Outlast 2 Teaser a couple of times and needless to say I’m excited for its release! xD


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