The Walking Dead Character: Negan and Lucille Opinion piece

*****SPOILER FREE*****

The title says it all … perhaps. October 23rd 2016 (or 24th for those in the UK) was an important date in the calendar. 23rd October was the day when The Walking Dead fans find out who came face-to-face with Lucille. This is a spoiler free post so be glad that I don’t tell you who comes face-to-face with Lucille.

This will be an opinion piece taking into account of other people’s opinions regarding the most anticipated villain of all time: Negan and Lucille. So let’s start by asking the question: Who is Negan and Lucille? In the comic books, Negan was a high school gym coach and a car salesman before the walker outburst. Funny, once a car salesman and now a sadistic leader of the group, the Saviours. Negan was married to … Lucille. Lucille was the wife of Negan pre-apocalypse and she and Negan were together despite knowing Negan had a mistress. Lucille died of cancer and Negan was alone. Once the apocalypse came, Negan wrapped barbed wire around a baseball bat and named it Lucille. The baseball bat was named after his dead wife Lucille.

Negan came to life by actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Season 6, Episode 16, ‘Last Day on Earth’ and Season 7, Episode 01, ‘The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be.’ Must I say that Morgan’s portrayal is fantastic. Negan was shown to be a psychotic man and his personality is fantastically portrayed. Although the comic book has Negan speak in crude and profane language, the TV show tames his speech and dialogue. (Don’t worry though, the DVD release has extra bonus footage of Negan dropping 23 f* bombs).

Personally I was excited for the arrival of Negan because his story is so interesting. He is a savage man who enjoys gore and violence yet he does not stand for sexual violence against women. (Feminist? Maybe…) I was also excited because Jeffrey Dean Morgan was playing Negan. I mean JDM is my one of my favourite actors. He funnily played John Winchester in Supernatural and Thomas Wayne in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

When we were revealed the victim of Lucille in Season 7 premiere ***No Spoiler*** Many of the fans unlike me were disgusted and hateful towards Negan. I mean someone had to die. I’m not saying I’m Pro-Negan (Let’s be honest that is what I’m saying) I’m saying that we need to give Negan a chance. It would be interesting to see how Negan’s character develops on and according to my sources, Negan undergoes a grand arch so who knows what will happen for the future.

As for Lucille, she is a beauty. She seems to be a really effective weapon and I would definitely make my own Lucille, if a Zombie apocalypse were ever to come. Lucille and Negan are one. You can’t have just one without the other. They come together like Brangelina (RIP). Funnily in the comic books, it is suggested that Negan has sexual thoughts about Lucille the bat. I mean yes Lucille is beautiful but I wouldn’t go far as to have sexual thoughts about her.

So in conclusion: I adore Negan and Lucille and say they are one of the top favourite characters in my list.


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