Supernatural Character: Charlie Bradbury Opinion Piece

*****TINY SPOILER*****

Charlie Bradbury is a name, I and many fans will never forget because she is such a great character that represents most teenage girls. Charlie is a character so relatable that what she does, is a prediction of what would happen if the fans were to work with supernatural hunters and legends, Sam and Dean Winchester.

Firstly who is Charlie Bradbury? Well she is a red head lesbian who is a big nerdy fan of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and Star Wars. As well as that she is a I.T genius with an incredible ability to hack into any system. Charlie was the epitome of all the fangirls. A shy person who eventually came out of that shell by fighting supernatural monsters.

She was played by actress and real life nerd Felicia Day. Charlie’s first appearance was in Season 7 Episode 20, ‘The Girl With The Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo’. Her introduction is reminiscent because it references Christian Bale’s entrance, in American Psycho, when he listens ‘Walking on Sunshine’ by Katrina and the Waves after a good night of murders. (Not that Charlie is a serial killer) The entrance just summarises her personality of joy and great taste of music. The song is a symbol of irony as the day she expects to great turns out to be a mess of events when her boss is eaten by the monster clone CEO of the company she works for.

Charlie was a hero of mine because she inspired me to be confident and accepting of who you are. In addition she showed me that you can be a hero as well as a badass. This geeky redhead is a beloved character which we deserve and want to see more of. Her relationship with the hunter brothers Dean and Sam have shown to me that family does not necessarily have to be about blood. In fact Charlie and the Winchesters are an idyllic image of friendship and kinship.

This is what female characters should be now as it shows to girls that it is okay to be a nerd. In addition not all female characters have to be used as a love interest or a pretty gaze. Charlie Bradbury is a extraordinary average girl who has different tastes in dating people. The fact that Charlie is a lesbian shows that it is perfectly okay to have a different sexuality and that you can get who ever you want, for looks do not matter when personality is more crucial.

I honestly want there to be more Charlie Bradbury and she deserves to be a bigger character on the show because she is the perfect hunter, geek and hacker that every person should aspire to be.


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