Rick and Morty Character: Rick Sanchez C-137 Opinion Piece


I had just finished watching the first two seasons of Rick and Morty and I have so much to say about one of my favourite characters of the show: the one, the only, the smartest man in the universe, Rick Sanchez of dimension C-137. The Rickest of all Ricks.

Rick Sanchez is a genius eccentric scientist who lives with his daughter Beth Smith, his son-in-law Jerry and two grandchildren Summer and Morty. He is very nihilistic and is a strong recreationalist with iconic catchphrases like “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub”. Rick does things for others to benefit himself; homicidal; anti-totalitarian and emotionally pained.

Rick Sanchez is voiced by actor Justin Roiland, who voices many other characters like Mr. Meeseeks, Morty Smith and Mr. Poopubuthole etc on the show and Rick was meant to be a parody of Doc Brown from the famous film Back to the Future (1985). Justin Roiland started Rick and Morty in 2004 and it has now grown on a global scale, I mean global. Justin Roiland is a genius.

Rick Sanchez is an awesome character which makes me wish I had a grandpa who was a crazy scientist. This was within the first few episodes of Rick and Morty in which Rick is a bit of an unpleasant person in which he does things for others to benefit himself for example in season 1 episode 2, ‘Lawnmower Dog’ Rick intercepts Morty’s math teachers dream to give Morty an A so Morty can go on more adventures with Rick. So in a way he does good but only so there is more good for him but hey that is what some people are like.

However a real change in Rick’s character for me was in season 2, episode 3, ‘Auto Erotic Assimilation’. I felt a great change in Rick’s character when he felt sort of lost himself and was about to kill himself before passing out. This episode made me realise that Rick has a very tough exterior and this can only be broken by people who mean a lot to him i.e. Unity and his family. Yet this made me sympathise even more with Rick and I honestly appreciated why Rick is who he is.

Rick Sanchez never fails to surprise me because whenever he does good for others he does bad. I mean I’m not saying that I do agree with being selfish but there are moments where you see Rick having a genuine concern for his grandchildren especially Morty. A particular touching moment is in season 2, episode 1, ‘A Rickle in Time’ when he sacrifices his life for Morty and accepts his fate of death. However he then manages to find a loophole and he survives.

Another key special moment and one that I think truly shows Rick’s humanity is in season 1, episode 5, ‘Meeseeks and Destroy.’  Here Rick kills Mr. Jelly Bean who tried to rape Morty in the men’s loo. I mean rape should not be a good thing but someone who has a totally nihilistic attitude to life, just surprises me when he gets justice for Morty. What I’m saying is that it makes Rick even more admirable.

Rick is a totally awesome badass character and I want to see more of his soft hearted side because it honestly makes Rick more human and I can’t wait to see Rick develop even more when season 3 comes back.



The Grinch (2000) Review

Christmas is descending upon us soon so now the time is to have the turkey in the oven; tree decorated and the mince pies ready for Santa Claus as I tell you my opinion on a Christmas movie, The Grinch … or the original title How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

The Grinch is a live-adaptation of a well known childrens book written by Dr. Seuss. The Grinch is the story about a green recluse by the name of Grinch, he hates Christmas. He decides to ruin the Christmas festivities of the town Whoville but he comes to a few obstacles after meeting a sweet little girl by the name of Cindy Lou Who. She begins to teach him how to have feelings and fall in love with Christmas.

After watching the movie again I realised three things: The Grinch is terrifying, yet he relates to me so much and the film is a life lesson. I understand that the Grinch is meant to be scary and horrible, but here I was scared for my life and I’m an adult. Children would feel even worse than I. Hats off! To Jim Carrey for playing a mean character that has an intense hatred for a Christmas movie but aren’t children’s movies meant to make kids happy instead of give them the nightmare of their life. But then again who am I to judge? I think what really sells the terror is whenever the Grinch looks directly at the camera and that is because it is rather difficult to tell whether he is talking to a character or to the audience.

The Grinch is essentially a reflective image of me and I can not help just admire the Grinch for be so … emo. I mean I do disagree with the hatred of Christmas but I totally agree with the other aspects like having to socialise as well as overwhelming emotions. I never would realise that I would end up being the Grinch as an adult as he says many relatable quotes like:

“I guess I could use a little … social interaction.”

“Help me! I’m … feeling.”

“Am I just eating because I’m bored?”

This is my favourite part of the movie only because the Grinch and I act so similarly.

Finally and most importantly, is the lesson the Grinch teaches: the fact that Christmas is not about consumerism but more about people being close together and having one another and I think that is an important lesson. As a child you ignore the lesson as soon as the presents arrive but as an adult you realise that family is important at Christmas time. It’s nice to have cool presents and awesome decorations but what really is important is family and friends and so the Grinch is definitely a film to watch either for the moral lesson or to relate to the Grinch. It’s a good film to watch … just don’t be frightened of the Grinch.

Scream (1996) Character: Sidney Prescott Opinion Piece


There are many female characters and actresses that deserve the title: ‘Scream Queen’ and I think that title deserves to go to Sidney Prescott who is played by Neve Campbell in Wes Craven’s slasher film Scream (1996). Twenty years later and Sidney Prescott is still the prime example of a horror survivor and she has become a great emblem of female characters in horror movies.

Sidney Prescott is a seventeen year old girl who witness the rape and brutal murder of her mother, Maureen Prescott. The events are leading up to the one year anniversary of her mother’s death and she has shown herself to be a repressed teenager. She has a boyfriend of two years called Billy Loomis who is the hottest yet psychopathic boyfriend a girl can have although she does not know he is a psychopath. Sidney Prescott is reminded of the media frenzy surrounding her mothers death, when two high school students: Casey Becker and Steven Orth are found gutted and murdered.

Sidney Prescott is played by actress, Neve Campbell who was reluctant to accept the role in a horror movie after starring in the horror film The Craft but accepted it after falling in love with the character and I’m glad she took on the role because I don’t think I could ever imagine Drew Barrymore (Who plays Casey Becker) or Reese Witherspoon taking on the mantle of Sidney Prescott. I think she matched up very well with the character of Billy Loomis (Played by Skeet Ulrich). Both characters have a very unique chemistry which makes me appreciate Sidney.

Sidney is a very surprising character because she is smart, beautiful and self conscious but at the same time she can be a bit of an idiot although that isn’t her fault. You need the main characters in a horror movie to be a bit of an idiot so the narrative of the horror movie can go on. A moment of idiocracy is when Sidney has sex with her boyfriend and does not acknowledge his advances towards her because rule one of a horror movie: “You can never have sex!” Sidney broke that rule.

Although it does make her the new ‘final girl’. The ‘final girl’ is a horror trope in which the survivor of a horror movie is a virgin female and despite the fact that Sidney lost her virginity, she still manages to survive and in the end she becomes a badass hero after killing Billy and his accomplice Stu Matcher. Despite her internal demons, she breaks free from them and makes herself a determined brave heroine and that is admirable of her.

Sidney Prescott is a perfect example of the ‘final girl’ and she has carried on to be an amazing hero in the rest of the Scream films. Sidney is an admirable feminist icon in the horror genre and very deserving of her title: ‘Scream Queen’.

Rick and Morty, Season 1 ‘Pilot’ Review

I have been watching many real life TV Shows for a while and I wanted something a little different to my tastes. A friend subtlety hinted to me, the show Rick and Morty. Cartoons like Rick and Morty aren’t usually my taste but I thought “Why not give it a try? It’s something new!” So I obviously decided to watch the ‘Pilot’ episode to see if it is something worth my while. Let’s just say I have many interesting thoughts about the pilot episode.

Firstly can I say, the plot of the first episode is really interesting and hilarious. Personally I don’t favour crude and sexual jokes but the jokes in this episode make me appreciate the humour and having it mixed with slapstick humour allows me to enjoy the episode even more. The plot was simple: Morty is missing out on school because of his adventures with his grandfather Rick Sanchez. On one of their adventures Rick and Morty have to escape customs after trying to sneak some seeds from another dimension back to their own dimension. A simple plot to follow but a rather clever introduction. The storyline was succinct but informative. The pilot episode managed to introduce a new universe to me within the space of half an hour.

Secondly the fact that Rick and Morty is a cartoon, makes the jokes and narrative even more hilarious. Animation can allow makers to defy rules of the real world and this is what makes cartoon enjoyable. The cartoon animation is well thought out and it helps to lift the experience of the story even more.

Thirdly and finally the voice acting is the fantastic. Justin Roiland does the voice for both the titular characters Rick and Morty. I mean many actors can do main different voices for characters i.e. Seth MacFarlane but I feel Justin Roiland really makes the characters come alive. You can really see and imagine two different people voicing the characters when in actual fact it is one man voicing two different characters. Hats off to you, Mr. Roiland!

As well as the praises, I do have a complaint to make but it’s just a small minutiae complaint and that is that some of the comedy makes me a little uncomfortable. I mean I said before that I don’t appreciate crude humour but there were a few jokes that were okay but another few jokes that made me recoil slightly but hey if it works! It works!

Overall is this something worth my while? Yes it is. Will I continue to watch this series and its future series? Yes I will. Will I become over-obsessed with Rick and Morty? There is no doubt about that. I would definitely recommend watching Rick and Morty because it is something that will bring a smile to your face as well as make you laugh with perverted jokes.