Rick and Morty Character: Rick Sanchez C-137 Opinion Piece


I had just finished watching the first two seasons of Rick and Morty and I have so much to say about one of my favourite characters of the show: the one, the only, the smartest man in the universe, Rick Sanchez of dimension C-137. The Rickest of all Ricks.

Rick Sanchez is a genius eccentric scientist who lives with his daughter Beth Smith, his son-in-law Jerry and two grandchildren Summer and Morty. He is very nihilistic and is a strong recreationalist with iconic catchphrases like “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub”. Rick does things for others to benefit himself; homicidal; anti-totalitarian and emotionally pained.

Rick Sanchez is voiced by actor Justin Roiland, who voices many other characters like Mr. Meeseeks, Morty Smith and Mr. Poopubuthole etc on the show and Rick was meant to be a parody of Doc Brown from the famous film Back to the Future (1985). Justin Roiland started Rick and Morty in 2004 and it has now grown on a global scale, I mean global. Justin Roiland is a genius.

Rick Sanchez is an awesome character which makes me wish I had a grandpa who was a crazy scientist. This was within the first few episodes of Rick and Morty in which Rick is a bit of an unpleasant person in which he does things for others to benefit himself for example in season 1 episode 2, ‘Lawnmower Dog’ Rick intercepts Morty’s math teachers dream to give Morty an A so Morty can go on more adventures with Rick. So in a way he does good but only so there is more good for him but hey that is what some people are like.

However a real change in Rick’s character for me was in season 2, episode 3, ‘Auto Erotic Assimilation’. I felt a great change in Rick’s character when he felt sort of lost himself and was about to kill himself before passing out. This episode made me realise that Rick has a very tough exterior and this can only be broken by people who mean a lot to him i.e. Unity and his family. Yet this made me sympathise even more with Rick and I honestly appreciated why Rick is who he is.

Rick Sanchez never fails to surprise me because whenever he does good for others he does bad. I mean I’m not saying that I do agree with being selfish but there are moments where you see Rick having a genuine concern for his grandchildren especially Morty. A particular touching moment is in season 2, episode 1, ‘A Rickle in Time’ when he sacrifices his life for Morty and accepts his fate of death. However he then manages to find a loophole and he survives.

Another key special moment and one that I think truly shows Rick’s humanity is in season 1, episode 5, ‘Meeseeks and Destroy.’  Here Rick kills Mr. Jelly Bean who tried to rape Morty in the men’s loo. I mean rape should not be a good thing but someone who has a totally nihilistic attitude to life, just surprises me when he gets justice for Morty. What I’m saying is that it makes Rick even more admirable.

Rick is a totally awesome badass character and I want to see more of his soft hearted side because it honestly makes Rick more human and I can’t wait to see Rick develop even more when season 3 comes back.



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