Riverdale, Season 1 ‘Chapter One: The River’s Edge’ Review

Four days (Or three if in the UK), Riverdale arrived on everyone’s screen with promises of an edgy teenage drama for everyone to enjoy. My friends thoroughly enjoyed this episode and urged me to watch it. I, being the universal writer I am, decided to delve into the story of the town of Riverdale.

When watching the episode, the narration immediately settled you into the narrative of the series by introducing you to the characters and the town of Riverdale. It was definitely a relief as it helped to tie me into the story without having to work hard to figure everything out. Right from the beginning, the drama hits you without even preparing you, as you witness the drowning of Jason Blossom (Trevor Stines). It took me a while to figure out that the narrator of the story was Cole Sprouse! I remember him being my favourite Disney star from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. He had not changed one bit.

The series introduces you to a range of actors who DEFINITELY look too old to be starting their sophomore year. I don’t understand why is it a compulsion to hire 25 year olds to play 15 year olds? No one looks good when they are teenager and this sets unrealistic beauty standards. Anyways, as I watched on, it was getting boring. The love story was becoming a typical cliche: ‘Perfect girl has harboured her crush on the boy next door’. Things get interesting when a New York girl, Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes) moves in and forges a love triangle. They do surprise the audience by having Betty and Veronica be best friends. Towards the end I empathised with Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) and wished well for her.

The teen drama was typical but the ending does promise better as Jason’s ‘drowned’ body arises only for it to have a bullet shot in the head. The show gave me a range of characters and I was liking the side characters more than the main. I was a big fan of Betty Cooper and Kevin Keller (Casey Cott). I wasn’t a big fan of the main character Archie Andrews (KJ Apa). The show lacked Cody Sprouse who plays Jughead Jones. All the names were so familiar, that it was on the tip of my tongue so after watching the episode, I did some research and discovered that the show is based on the comic book series Archie Comics. I remembered the characters, more prominently from watching The Archie Show and this is where the song ‘Sugar, Honey, Honey’ came from.

The show definitely promises great mystery and I just hope that it improves my opinion of it. I enjoyed it but felt that it was lacking in certain aspects. Other than that it was interesting first episode for a series based on a comic book series.


Sherlock Character: Jim Moriarty Opinion Piece


It’s evident from the title that we’re going to be talking about most people’s favourite psychopath: Richard Brook … I mean Jim Moriarty. At this point he could convince us that he is a woman and we’d undoubtedly believe him.

Jim Moriarty is a complex character that has developed an enimity with consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes. Moriarty has the power to manipulate people into doing his bidding and I guess you could call him a consulting criminal. In other words Sherlock best describes him as: “James Moriarty isn’t a man at all. He’s a spider. A spider at the centre of a web. Criminal web with a thousand threads and he knows precisely how each and every single one of them dances.” This pretty much summarises who he is.

Irish actor Andrew Scott plays the said character. Honestly Scott does a great job of playing a mad psychopath. In July, I had gone to see Andrew Scott take on the role of Hamlet and he really throws himself into the role. This is noticeable when he plays Moriarty because you watch Jim Moriarty. Not an actor taking on the role of book character.

Moriarty is the best villain I have come across because he is unpredictable in actions and mood. One minute he can be seductive, the other jovial before showing intense and complete madness which prepares you to expect the unexpected. His performance is underrated and I felt there could have been more to his character. He appeared and disappeared so quickly that the Flash could not have caught up to him. He recently came back for the new season and imagine my joy when they reveal his face then the words: “Five years ago…”

Apart from his personality, Moriarty possesses a great amount of humour in his dialogues. He has such memorable dialogues that one can remember everything single thing he says. It’s almost as if every word is chosen carefully in order to stick to the audience and it certainly has. It reaches a point where I can recite most of his scenes. I think my favourite quote of his is “Every fairytale needs a good old-fashioned villain. You need me, or you’re nothing.”

To end everything, Jim Moriarty is a great villain that deserved more screen time. He truly is an amazing villain.

Passengers (2016) Review

Today I was reminiscing the last time I went to the cinema to watch a film and I remembered the last film I had seen was Passengers which released 21st December and I had many thoughts going through my head when I was watching this film in the cinema.

The plot is simple: two people, Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) and Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence) are aboard a passenger ship which is headed to a new planet for habitation. These two people wake up ninety years early and as time goes on these two people start to fall in love with one another but a threat is looming which could cause the lives of 5000 people aboard the ship. Jim and Aurora are the only ones that can save them.

It was an okay film. The plot was interesting and the chemistry between Jim and Aurora was fantastic but I felt it was lacking in something. The film was a typical Sci-Fi film: “Oh no there’s something wrong with the ship!” “This is not my real job but I have to save everyone” “Don’t sacrifice yourself – I have to, I love you” “Oh no they are about to die – oh wait they are alive I’m so happy!” I man don’t get me wrong it was a good Sci-Fi film but I felt they needed to change it for it to be unique and original. This film just used the same formula that many other Sci-Fi films.

What was surprising was the easy flowing love story because most love stories in Sci-Fi are rushed and lack legitimacy but Passengers allows the love story to flow very naturally which is something very appreciative.  The reason helps to ake the story more heartfelt and natural as well as relatable because the audience witness Jim being alone for an entire year and this justifies his actions when he wakes up Aurora. I sympathised with Jim as he needed human companionship and it made me realised that this is what humanity is like now. Every human is so attached to technology that we have forgotten human companionship and so the film reminded that we all need each other to stay connected.

The special effects were amazing and I really appreciated how they managed to create an interesting storyline but I felt it did lack in more of the Sci-Fi and action side of things but then again the film was trying to sell itself as a romance film rather than a action Sci-Fi film. However the one thing I want to draw upon is that if you are going to emphasise the romance of the film then have a montage video of them growing old, having children or dying.

The threat however was a disappointment. A lot of suspense was built up and it was hyped until we realised the threat was just an meteorite. Sorry for the spolier but honestly it’s not much of a spolier. A meteorite threat for this kind of movie kills the vibe of the film a little because I think a film with high chemistry needs a high level threat to really test the romance. That would really help with the plot of the story.

The best thing of the film is the song: ‘Levitate’ by Imagine Dragons. It is one of the best songs I have heard and can just listen to it forever. The lyrics match the plot of the movie so well and it is a song I wish could have been played during the film but no it was playing in the credits.

This would really make the film really tug at the strings of your heart but hey with what they made I felt it was a well made film with great SFX and a intriguing story line. It’s a film that you could watch once and appreciate it once but not repeat watch.

Sherlock, Christmas Special, The Abominable Bride Review

Today, in the UK, Sherlock is back on the BBC for series four. I have long awaited three years for Sherlock to return. In addition to the great news, it is New Years Day. Christmas recently passed and I thought why not watch the latest episode from the Sherlock series in preparation for series four. Thus I now present, my review for Sherlock: The Abominable Bride.

This Christmas special was an interesting contrast to the recent series because the special travelled back in time to Victorian Britain whilst the series is set in a modern day Britain and it was fantastic. A mixture of the past and present was cleverly done and well presented. The special enraptured the true essence of Victorian history. Along with trying to capture Victorian essence, the episode captured the complexity of Victorian story telling because I honestly had a vague clue on what is going on.

Just to understand the plot, I read the entire synopsis of the plot to understand what was going on and when I read it … I still do not have a clue. Repeat watching it and I honestly have no clue of what is going on and so can someone please explain what this story/episode is about? The quotes from this show are just amazing and truly iconic especially Holmes quote about how no one made him: “I made me.” Another great part of the plot was Moriarty. He was perfect … as always with his quirky personalities and eccentric acts.

An additional point to add is the feminist idea that the show had. It showed the fault of society and how we treated women, especially the show’s treatment of women. It was well constructed and clever for it helped to identify the fault, that the show along with society, is treating women like rubbish. My favourite bit was the Reichenbach Fall scene because it is dramatic in a healthy and poetic way. Honestly throughout the entire episode, I was Moriarty. The one thing that was creepy was the scene where the corpse rose. It confused the hell out of me.

Overall the episode was a certainly interesting twist with great themes and exquisite design. A great lead up to the next season and spectacularly intricate. The plot was rather complex but as is any other Sherlock episode. I would definitely recommend watching this, so long as you watch the other series to understand who and what Sherlock Holmes is.

Dead By Daylight Review

Ever felt like you wanted to play a game with your friends that involved hide and seek but you didn’t want to go outside? I believe that this game is perfect for you, for this game allows you to play hide and seek … but you’re hiding from a monster that will sacrifice you to a God by yanking you on a hook. I would like to formally introduce you to the game: Dead By Daylight.

This is a multiplayer game of five people: Four survivors and one killer. The objective of the game is simple as it requires the survivors to start up five generators in order to escape the killer. The game is more focused on playing rather than plot I guess that doesn’t matter if all you want to do is re-enact your favourite horror movie. However the people that love plot, like me, will be interested by the backstory the developers have created for the killers since it gives you an insight on how and why the killers became who they are. The game released to everyone last year and it is continuously updated with new killers and playable DLCs that just adds to the excitement.

There are six killers in total with the latest killer having been released in December. The killers are as followed: The Trapper (Evan MacMillan), The Wraith (Philip Ojomo); The Hillbilly (Max Thompson Jr.); The Nurse (Sally Smithson); The Shape (Michael Myers) and The Hag (Lisa Sherwood). All these killers are perfectly designed and what is amazing that all these killers apart from The Shape is that the killers have all been created by the developers imagination.

It is so difficult to highlight my favourite killer because they all play so well but if I had to choose one, I would choose The Shape i.e. Michael Myers. Apart from the fact that he is an iconic horror movie character, he is the best designed killer of time. When he has the tiers, it allows for you to either kill with stealth or full on rage. Not only are the killers are amazing, the perks to go with the killers just increase the hype of the game play. Certain perks enable you certain hacks to beat either killers or the survivors like ‘Saboteur’ which allows you to take down the hooks or ‘Mori’ which is instant death for the survivor without having to put them on the hook.

The game is fantastic to play with friends and I believe it really shows how your friends are: whether they will rescue you off a hook and heal you or they will abandon you and leave through the exit while you are sacrificed to the entity. I honestly recommend playing the game provided you have to pay for it and you can receive some of the DLC’s for free but honestly this game is great to play with your friends. So connect on a Skype group chat and go out to either survive or kill your friends.