Passengers (2016) Review

Today I was reminiscing the last time I went to the cinema to watch a film and I remembered the last film I had seen was Passengers which released 21st December and I had many thoughts going through my head when I was watching this film in the cinema.

The plot is simple: two people, Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) and Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence) are aboard a passenger ship which is headed to a new planet for habitation. These two people wake up ninety years early and as time goes on these two people start to fall in love with one another but a threat is looming which could cause the lives of 5000 people aboard the ship. Jim and Aurora are the only ones that can save them.

It was an okay film. The plot was interesting and the chemistry between Jim and Aurora was fantastic but I felt it was lacking in something. The film was a typical Sci-Fi film: “Oh no there’s something wrong with the ship!” “This is not my real job but I have to save everyone” “Don’t sacrifice yourself – I have to, I love you” “Oh no they are about to die – oh wait they are alive I’m so happy!” I man don’t get me wrong it was a good Sci-Fi film but I felt they needed to change it for it to be unique and original. This film just used the same formula that many other Sci-Fi films.

What was surprising was the easy flowing love story because most love stories in Sci-Fi are rushed and lack legitimacy but Passengers allows the love story to flow very naturally which is something very appreciative.  The reason helps to ake the story more heartfelt and natural as well as relatable because the audience witness Jim being alone for an entire year and this justifies his actions when he wakes up Aurora. I sympathised with Jim as he needed human companionship and it made me realised that this is what humanity is like now. Every human is so attached to technology that we have forgotten human companionship and so the film reminded that we all need each other to stay connected.

The special effects were amazing and I really appreciated how they managed to create an interesting storyline but I felt it did lack in more of the Sci-Fi and action side of things but then again the film was trying to sell itself as a romance film rather than a action Sci-Fi film. However the one thing I want to draw upon is that if you are going to emphasise the romance of the film then have a montage video of them growing old, having children or dying.

The threat however was a disappointment. A lot of suspense was built up and it was hyped until we realised the threat was just an meteorite. Sorry for the spolier but honestly it’s not much of a spolier. A meteorite threat for this kind of movie kills the vibe of the film a little because I think a film with high chemistry needs a high level threat to really test the romance. That would really help with the plot of the story.

The best thing of the film is the song: ‘Levitate’ by Imagine Dragons. It is one of the best songs I have heard and can just listen to it forever. The lyrics match the plot of the movie so well and it is a song I wish could have been played during the film but no it was playing in the credits.

This would really make the film really tug at the strings of your heart but hey with what they made I felt it was a well made film with great SFX and a intriguing story line. It’s a film that you could watch once and appreciate it once but not repeat watch.


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