Tattletail Review

FURBIES! Turn away because I will be talking about the Five Nights at Freddies style horror survival game: Tattletail. A game that involves a sentient furby like creature, whose mother comes to kill you.

This game brings your worst nightmares to life as you play a little kid, who falls into an abyss when they decide to open their Christmas present early to discover a furby toy called Tattletail. I have never owned a furby and it is good that I did not ask for one because they look like creepy little monsters that have surprising intelligence. I would prefer a rage-induced gremlin than a furby. I had many questions like why did this kid ask for Tattletail?

The plot is simple as you have to survive five nights whilst finding twenty two eggs to ensure a good end to the film. Each night the Tattletail little monster will ask you to do things like play hide-and-seek with a yellow Tattletail and hide from Mama. You have to collect twenty two eggs in order to get the good ending which is somewhat easy because you have to try hide from Mama who is out to kill you. The game is creepy. It does not even jump scare you. It simply causes you to yell at the screen and question why you are doing this.

The game play is only an hour and a half and the controls are simple. Although you have to pay attention otherwise you could end up killing yourself. Another thing about the game is that the Tattletail is so f**king annoying. It makes you want to pull your hair with its stupid needs likeĀ “GIVE ME A TREAT”. It’s even worse when it needs to be charged as it screams constantly in a deep demonic voice that you might as well go on an adventure with Satan.

The end is anti-climactic but the seance scene freaked me out the most. Once again I was faced with a list of questions. Overall the game is surprisingly fun to play. I mean don’t get me wrong, it is annoying as hell. Yet it was funny to see someone get so unbelievably frustrated with a creepy furby toy. I wouldn’t recommend the game to those who don’t like furbies but go ahead and play the game if you want to annoy yourself with screams of demands from a sentient toy.



Preacher, Season 1 ‘Pilot’ Review

Recently a teaser for Preacher season 2 came out and it looked amazing. I then realised I had not even seen the first season and Preacher was on my To-Watch list so I decided to satisfy that need … only because I had run out other shows to watch as I’d have to wait months for the next season to come.

I watched the ‘Pilot’ episode to get a taste of what the episode is about and I had many interesting thoughts. Firstly the production value was amazing and well used because it really helped me to get settled into what the narrative of the TV show is. It really immersed me within the show. Especially the first opening sequence which was incredibly made and my favourite part was when the priest exploded onto the congregation. It was a perfect moment for me.

The characters are well written and well acted especially Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer. He truly acts like a priest who has seen bad days but the one thing that really bugs me is the accent because I know Dominic Cooper is a British actor. The accent really distracts me but I understand it is part of the narrative. Another great character is Cassidy because he is amazing and hilarious especially his dialect. At first he came across to me as a bad guy but when I got to know him, I realised he was a good guy and a badass especially when he fights the people on the aeroplane before jumping out.

The episode opens many questions for me and keeps me hooked so I continue to watch the season. The plot is rather complex but I think when you watch the rest of the series the storyline becomes much clearer. In addition I like the realism the show brings because it does not paint priesthood and religion in a flowery image and I really appreciate that. It shows me a good and bad side of religion.

Another great thing about the show is the soundtrack. Usually I’m not a fan of country music but the country music in this is well suited and it makes me appreciate it even more. The use of Johnny Cash gives me something new to listen to and really helps to immerse me within the Texas environment the show is trying to tell me.

Finally and what is most important is the comedy the show has. From the posters the show looks like like a serious show but when watching it, I didn’t realise how funny it would be, it made me laugh when I least expected it and I think that is important when it comes to watching TV shows.

Preacher is something I would definitely recommend watching because it is well made. It keeps you interested through out and the plot is something you can sink your teeth into. It truly is great.