Alien: Covenant (2017) Review

This was a film I could not wait to watch and when I watched it in the cinema I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed with the film. Alien: Covenant was a film I long awaited for and I am a huge fan of the Alien franchise and universe but I can’t help but feel rather annoyed.

Alien: Covenant is set ten years after Prometheus (2012) and it features a colonising ship called the Covenant. They are on their way to an earth-like planet called origae-6 but along the way they come across an undiscovers planet which proves to be an suitable habitat for the colony ship passengers in hypersleep and embryos. This paradise is habited by a synthetic, David who was a survivor of the Prometheus. The world turns dark and dangerous as xenomorphs and neomorphs threaten the lives of the Covenant crew.

I was excited for the film having seen the teaser trailer and I thought it would really help answer many questions but once again, Ridley Scott being who he is answers a small amount of questions but opens the door to many questions. That is not what I’m disappointed about … what I’m really disappointed about was the plot. It felt very dry and just lacking excitement. The film does provide exposition on what happened to Dr. Elizabeth Shaw from Prometheus but the story line was just recycled and I could not enjoy the film as much. In addition the characters weren’t strong and it didn’t help with the narrative.

The xenomorph and neomorph were awesome and the best part of the film because the way they were designed was beautiful. The neomorph especially took the spotlight in the film and I felt there needed to be more of the neomorphs because they had a short lived presence in the film. Another thing I also liked about the film was the biblical references and it really solidified the meaning and theme the film was trying to get across:

Alien: Covenant (2017) Poster

The Fall of the Rebellious Angels (1554) by Frans Floris

The film poster embodies the painting in which the Xenomorphs are painted as the angels who are the victors while the engineers are seen as the rebellious angels when in actual fact the engineers are the heroes and the xenomorphs are the fallen ones.

Alien: Covenant

Image result for kiss of judas painting

The Kiss of Judas

The second point is when David (Michael Fassbender) kisses Walter (Michael Fassbender). David then attacks Walter and this is reminiscent to the kiss of Judas. This was when of the disciples kisses Jesus before he betrays him to the Romans.

I’m a big fan of biblical references and I liked the mentions to the Bible in Alien: Covenant but ultimately Alien: Covenant lacked a lot of story but the visuals and Biblical references were rather beautiful.


Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 Review

Remember when I did a review on the first Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF)? Well there were many sequels that came out, each unveiling new lore and characters to the successful indie games. Pay attention to when I release the third, fourth, fifth and potentially sixth installment to the games but first let’s review FNAF 2.

We play an overnight security guard, Jeremy Fitzgerald in a newly refurbished pizzeria. We have to defend ourselves from newly designed animatronics that want to stuff you in a suit and the old gang from the old pizzeria. A puppet, some mangled animatronic, a little boy with a balloon and a purple guy. According to the lore, this is set before the first game and after the first game. It’s complicated, believe me but The Game Theorists have it covered so check out how they explain the entire FNAF lore.

The second game is uniquely different. Doors were removed and already I was on high alert. My sense of security was removed. On top of that I had to keep winding the music box in order to keep one of the monsters away. The animatronics hit me right at the beginning and the level was definitely hard. The mask terrifies me even more because you catch a glimpse of the monster through the eye mask of the Freddy mask. I managed to get through the first night but struggled through the second. I only managed to the third because it was greatly difficult. I could not even finish the fourth night. The difficulty was raised highly. The soundtrack made my skin crawl and I definitely had more jumpscares than usual.

I watched Markiplier finish the game since he is the best player at Five Nights at Freddy’s. I got to a mini game where I followed the puppet only for it to have cut me off and back to the menu screen. The game gets more terrifying and I liked the game because it introduced me to more characters and a bigger realm of lore although it was really difficult, I enjoyed playing this game and like the change it brought.

Game of Thrones, Season 1 ‘Pilot’ Review

Finally! I have decided to watch the first episode of the critically acclaimed show that has taken the world by storm. I watched the first episode of the dramatic series: Game of Thrones. Before I delve into the episode, I have not read the books and I’m focusing this review purely on the TV series pilot. So please do point out my mistakes.

The first episode introduces you to a bunch of people and families you need to know of:

  • There’s the Starks consisting of Ned (Sean Bean) who is head chief of the family; His wife who I don’t remember the name; Sansa (Sophie Turner) a daughter who has a crush on the King’s son; Jon Snow (Kit Harington) the illegitimate child; Robb (Richard Madden); Arya (Maisie Williams); Bran (Isaac Hempstead-Wright) who is an adorable kid and that’s about it.
  • There are the Lannisters which are Jamie (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), a weird creepy brother, Cersei his twin sister and Queen  and Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) a clever man.
  • The Baratheons who rule the land: Robert is the king who is married to Cersei and Joffrey who we all know was an awful king
  • The Targaryens: Viserys the horrible creepy brother and Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) The little sister who is forced to marry some leader called Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa)

There are an unbelievable amount of characters, half of which I already know are dead. Yes sorry for the spoiler. I have friends that spoil for me what happens in GoT so I was taken out of the experience of watching the episode. The location, make-up and special effects were the highlight of the episode and I was in love with the cinematography of the series. So a thumbs up to that. Everything else however wasn’t that great.

The plot is all over the place and I feel like you have to have read the books to be a GoT expert. By the way the show is not appropriate for under fifteens because it involves nudity, incest, rape and bloody gore. They really did nail a medieval time as being gruesome and uncultured. The characters were good and I was liking the popular favourites like Jon Snow and Daenerys.

Overall, feel free to watch GoT for I do understand why it is special but it’s not something I’d continue to watch. The spoilers made me lose appeal in the show and I cannot carry on watching the show. I recommend watching it but it’s not for me.

Wonder Woman (2017) Review

Super hero movies never get better than this and I have a lot to say after watching Wonder Woman in the cinema. This really opened a gate way for female superheroes to have their own stand alone movie and I don’t think that the amount of praise I have for this film will help to justify the great effect that the film has had on the wider audience.

The film follows the origin of Wonder Woman who was Diana, princess of the Amazons. She is raised and trained by the Amazons and becomes a great warrior. She meets an American pilot, Steve Trevor who tells her that The Great War is having a devastating effect and Diana comes to realise that war is being controlled by Ares, God of War. Diana travels with Steve and goes to find Ares, to kill him and stop the war in which Diana discovers her true identity and destiny.

There is so much I can say that won’t help to justify how AMAZING Wonder Woman was and this ranges from the story; the characters; visual effects and the overall message. This was a truly beautiful film that Patty Jenkins (Director) had created. She truly captured the essence of Wonder Woman and how she is a big symbol to many women. Diana is not the damsel-in-distress, she is the one who fights through and wins against the bad guys, she saves the guy and I saw this many times when Diana deflected a bullet that was going to hit Steve.

Gal Gadot who portrays Wonder Woman did such a fantastic job and she was truly born to play the part. She is compassionate, funny, sexy, adorable, innocent, brave and just downright badass. I’m glad that Zack Snyder helped to write the story for Wonder Woman because Joss Whedon’s scripted version was just disappointing and sexist. Gal had created an iconic symbol for girls and honestly I salute her for making me feel empowered and significant. Gal Gadot deserves her role and I believe Wonder Woman deserves an Oscar because it is utterly beautiful.

The setting was beautiful and the visual effects brought more realism to the film than anticipated and the chemistry between Diana and Steve is well executed. The film made me cry and that is a fortunate thing because there are not many films that move my heart. My favourite part in the film is the fight between Diana and Ares, when Diana truly discovers herself and she overpowers and wins against Ares. This film is not conventional and I appreciate that because it makes Wonder Woman an even bigger icon. She is her own man and does not need anyone else.

Another great thing about the film was the song: ‘To Be Human’ by Sia and Labrinth. It is such a beautiful song and the contrasting vocals from Sia and Labrinth is almost an embodiment of Steve Trevor and Diana Prince. The song brought Wonder Woman to a great conclusion and honestly it makes me cry tears of joy every time I listen to it.

Patty Jenkins made a great female superhero film and I think Wonder Woman is a bigger hero than Batman and Superman and I honestly cannot wait to see Wonder Woman in either Justice League (Nov. 2017) or another stand alone Wonder Woman film. She is the epitome of feminism.