Wonder Woman (2017) Review

Super hero movies never get better than this and I have a lot to say after watching Wonder Woman in the cinema. This really opened a gate way for female superheroes to have their own stand alone movie and I don’t think that the amount of praise I have for this film will help to justify the great effect that the film has had on the wider audience.

The film follows the origin of Wonder Woman who was Diana, princess of the Amazons. She is raised and trained by the Amazons and becomes a great warrior. She meets an American pilot, Steve Trevor who tells her that The Great War is having a devastating effect and Diana comes to realise that war is being controlled by Ares, God of War. Diana travels with Steve and goes to find Ares, to kill him and stop the war in which Diana discovers her true identity and destiny.

There is so much I can say that won’t help to justify how AMAZING Wonder Woman was and this ranges from the story; the characters; visual effects and the overall message. This was a truly beautiful film that Patty Jenkins (Director) had created. She truly captured the essence of Wonder Woman and how she is a big symbol to many women. Diana is not the damsel-in-distress, she is the one who fights through and wins against the bad guys, she saves the guy and I saw this many times when Diana deflected a bullet that was going to hit Steve.

Gal Gadot who portrays Wonder Woman did such a fantastic job and she was truly born to play the part. She is compassionate, funny, sexy, adorable, innocent, brave and just downright badass. I’m glad that Zack Snyder helped to write the story for Wonder Woman because Joss Whedon’s scripted version was just disappointing and sexist. Gal had created an iconic symbol for girls and honestly I salute her for making me feel empowered and significant. Gal Gadot deserves her role and I believe Wonder Woman deserves an Oscar because it is utterly beautiful.

The setting was beautiful and the visual effects brought more realism to the film than anticipated and the chemistry between Diana and Steve is well executed. The film made me cry and that is a fortunate thing because there are not many films that move my heart. My favourite part in the film is the fight between Diana and Ares, when Diana truly discovers herself and she overpowers and wins against Ares. This film is not conventional and I appreciate that because it makes Wonder Woman an even bigger icon. She is her own man and does not need anyone else.

Another great thing about the film was the song: ‘To Be Human’ by Sia and Labrinth. It is such a beautiful song and the contrasting vocals from Sia and Labrinth is almost an embodiment of Steve Trevor and Diana Prince. The song brought Wonder Woman to a great conclusion and honestly it makes me cry tears of joy every time I listen to it.

Patty Jenkins made a great female superhero film and I think Wonder Woman is a bigger hero than Batman and Superman and I honestly cannot wait to see Wonder Woman in either Justice League (Nov. 2017) or another stand alone Wonder Woman film. She is the epitome of feminism.


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