DCEU Character: Batman Opinion Piece


We have a big man in a suit of armor. If we take that off, what do we get? A genius billionaire playboy philanthropist. No I’m not talking about Iron Man I’m talking about Batman. Batman, the fourth richest billionaire in the world of superheroes entered the DC Extended Cinematic Universe (DCECU), played by none other than Ben Affleck. This post will only focus on Batman in Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League trailers.

So who is the man behind the mask? Bruce Wayne. A disturbed individual who witnesses the shooting of his parents: Thomas and Martha Wayne. After the death of his parents, he falls into a cave and develops a fear for bats. Weird isn’t it? He is scared of bats yet dresses as a bat? Actually it is not that weird for the reason he dresses as a bat is because he is using his own fear, to inflict fear into criminals. That is clever. So Batman has been acted by a bunch of actors in different media texts.

Bruce Wayne is portrayed by Ben Affleck in this version and this version was meant to present a grittier darker version of Batman. The Frank Miller Batman where he is much older and broken. It was a refreshing change from the generic Batman formula we see: The Batman that starts to discover himself and builds the Batman identity.

People were skeptical to Affleck’s portrayal of Bruce Wayne. I personally had no qualms about it and thought he suited the role just fine. When I saw Ben Affleck play Batman in Dawn of Justice, it was fantastic. He really sold the broken dishevelled Batman that had seen his time. I truly did enjoy Affleck’s performance in Batman and I was honestly surprised at the amount of carnage Batman caused. This film definitely showed a different Batman and like I said before, it’s a fresh new change.

When the Justice League trailers released, once again I was fascinated by a new Batman: Grim, grisly and comical. This Batman was a definite change from the Batman we see in Dawn of Justice. I think the best line of his is: “I hear you can talk to fish.” What made it even greater was that Batman had a smile. His beard … I think Bruce Wayne should be bearded because it really does help to show he is dark and grisly.

Not only was Bruce Wayne amazing, the Bat tech and suit were awesome. The suit was designed and I loved the variety of suits there were: my favourite suit is the one he wears when he fights Doomsday. I honestly cannot wait for more BatAffleck in Justice League because it is one of the best portrayals of Bruce Wayne I have seen.


Friday The 13TH Character: Jason Voorhees Opinion Piece


CH CH CH CH AH AH AH AH. Does that sound familiar? No? Well I’m surprised that you don’t know one of the best killers in the history of slasher horror movies: Jason Voorhees.

Jason Voorhees is an unbelievably tall human? that was drowned as a child, only for him to survive as an adult and go around killing camp leaders. After the beheading of his mother, Jason massacres at least 150+ teenagers in order to avenge his mother. He has appeared in all of the twelve films but just to remind you: HE IS NOT THE ANTAGONIST IN THE FIRST FILM. His mother, Pamela Voorhees was the main antagonist and Jason only had a cameo in the film.

It is not clear on who plays Jason but honestly does that matter? Fine. If you REALLY want to know, Kane Hodder was the best person to play Jason. The first person to play Jason was Ari Lehman. Other than that, stuntmen have played Jason. Now let’s get into the reason why Jason is one of the best killers:

Firstly he never dies. I mean how boring would a horror movie be without the killer coming back to life constantly? Jason is the definition of immortality because he never quits. Even if he is stabbed in the eyes by Freddy, having his head split by Tommy Jarvis or being drowned by Tommy Jarvis. The killer needs to come back in order to appease the audience.

Another reason why Jason is an awesome villain is the way he brutally murders people. I mean don’t get me wrong, murder is wrong! Jason however is perfectly justified to kill people. However the way he kills people is just awesome and I think his best kill is in Friday the 13th: The New Blood (1988). He enters a tent and sees his victim (Judy) in a sleeping bag cocoon. Does he ignore her? No. He grabs her body and starts whacking her on the trees around him as if she was a ragdoll. Also he has the best weapon yet: a machete. That does the prettiest damage and I think even if Jason didn’t have his machete, he could be creative with an arrow or a axe.

Finally and most importantly, Jason’s design is the best thing about him. He looks unsettling and menacing but not absolutely frightening, which is a good balance to have. A even better feature of Jason is that he’s a silent killer. It adds to the terror because you have no idea what he could be thinking. The hockey mask has become his best iconic feature but I think Jason looked best when he had the sandbag pillowcase on his head. It reminded me of a scarecrow which made Jason even more terrifying.

So is Jason the best killer? Yes he is and I honestly hope that Jason goes head to head to Michael Myers because that is the ultimate death match. Jason already had his fight with Freddy Krueger and now we must pray that Jason and Michael go against each other.

Sherlock Character: Jim Moriarty Opinion Piece


It’s evident from the title that we’re going to be talking about most people’s favourite psychopath: Richard Brook … I mean Jim Moriarty. At this point he could convince us that he is a woman and we’d undoubtedly believe him.

Jim Moriarty is a complex character that has developed an enimity with consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes. Moriarty has the power to manipulate people into doing his bidding and I guess you could call him a consulting criminal. In other words Sherlock best describes him as: “James Moriarty isn’t a man at all. He’s a spider. A spider at the centre of a web. Criminal web with a thousand threads and he knows precisely how each and every single one of them dances.” This pretty much summarises who he is.

Irish actor Andrew Scott plays the said character. Honestly Scott does a great job of playing a mad psychopath. In July, I had gone to see Andrew Scott take on the role of Hamlet and he really throws himself into the role. This is noticeable when he plays Moriarty because you watch Jim Moriarty. Not an actor taking on the role of book character.

Moriarty is the best villain I have come across because he is unpredictable in actions and mood. One minute he can be seductive, the other jovial before showing intense and complete madness which prepares you to expect the unexpected. His performance is underrated and I felt there could have been more to his character. He appeared and disappeared so quickly that the Flash could not have caught up to him. He recently came back for the new season and imagine my joy when they reveal his face then the words: “Five years ago…”

Apart from his personality, Moriarty possesses a great amount of humour in his dialogues. He has such memorable dialogues that one can remember everything single thing he says. It’s almost as if every word is chosen carefully in order to stick to the audience and it certainly has. It reaches a point where I can recite most of his scenes. I think my favourite quote of his is “Every fairytale needs a good old-fashioned villain. You need me, or you’re nothing.”

To end everything, Jim Moriarty is a great villain that deserved more screen time. He truly is an amazing villain.

Rick and Morty Character: Rick Sanchez C-137 Opinion Piece


I had just finished watching the first two seasons of Rick and Morty and I have so much to say about one of my favourite characters of the show: the one, the only, the smartest man in the universe, Rick Sanchez of dimension C-137. The Rickest of all Ricks.

Rick Sanchez is a genius eccentric scientist who lives with his daughter Beth Smith, his son-in-law Jerry and two grandchildren Summer and Morty. He is very nihilistic and is a strong recreationalist with iconic catchphrases like “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub”. Rick does things for others to benefit himself; homicidal; anti-totalitarian and emotionally pained.

Rick Sanchez is voiced by actor Justin Roiland, who voices many other characters like Mr. Meeseeks, Morty Smith and Mr. Poopubuthole etc on the show and Rick was meant to be a parody of Doc Brown from the famous film Back to the Future (1985). Justin Roiland started Rick and Morty in 2004 and it has now grown on a global scale, I mean global. Justin Roiland is a genius.

Rick Sanchez is an awesome character which makes me wish I had a grandpa who was a crazy scientist. This was within the first few episodes of Rick and Morty in which Rick is a bit of an unpleasant person in which he does things for others to benefit himself for example in season 1 episode 2, ‘Lawnmower Dog’ Rick intercepts Morty’s math teachers dream to give Morty an A so Morty can go on more adventures with Rick. So in a way he does good but only so there is more good for him but hey that is what some people are like.

However a real change in Rick’s character for me was in season 2, episode 3, ‘Auto Erotic Assimilation’. I felt a great change in Rick’s character when he felt sort of lost himself and was about to kill himself before passing out. This episode made me realise that Rick has a very tough exterior and this can only be broken by people who mean a lot to him i.e. Unity and his family. Yet this made me sympathise even more with Rick and I honestly appreciated why Rick is who he is.

Rick Sanchez never fails to surprise me because whenever he does good for others he does bad. I mean I’m not saying that I do agree with being selfish but there are moments where you see Rick having a genuine concern for his grandchildren especially Morty. A particular touching moment is in season 2, episode 1, ‘A Rickle in Time’ when he sacrifices his life for Morty and accepts his fate of death. However he then manages to find a loophole and he survives.

Another key special moment and one that I think truly shows Rick’s humanity is in season 1, episode 5, ‘Meeseeks and Destroy.’  Here Rick kills Mr. Jelly Bean who tried to rape Morty in the men’s loo. I mean rape should not be a good thing but someone who has a totally nihilistic attitude to life, just surprises me when he gets justice for Morty. What I’m saying is that it makes Rick even more admirable.

Rick is a totally awesome badass character and I want to see more of his soft hearted side because it honestly makes Rick more human and I can’t wait to see Rick develop even more when season 3 comes back.


Scream (1996) Character: Sidney Prescott Opinion Piece


There are many female characters and actresses that deserve the title: ‘Scream Queen’ and I think that title deserves to go to Sidney Prescott who is played by Neve Campbell in Wes Craven’s slasher film Scream (1996). Twenty years later and Sidney Prescott is still the prime example of a horror survivor and she has become a great emblem of female characters in horror movies.

Sidney Prescott is a seventeen year old girl who witness the rape and brutal murder of her mother, Maureen Prescott. The events are leading up to the one year anniversary of her mother’s death and she has shown herself to be a repressed teenager. She has a boyfriend of two years called Billy Loomis who is the hottest yet psychopathic boyfriend a girl can have although she does not know he is a psychopath. Sidney Prescott is reminded of the media frenzy surrounding her mothers death, when two high school students: Casey Becker and Steven Orth are found gutted and murdered.

Sidney Prescott is played by actress, Neve Campbell who was reluctant to accept the role in a horror movie after starring in the horror film The Craft but accepted it after falling in love with the character and I’m glad she took on the role because I don’t think I could ever imagine Drew Barrymore (Who plays Casey Becker) or Reese Witherspoon taking on the mantle of Sidney Prescott. I think she matched up very well with the character of Billy Loomis (Played by Skeet Ulrich). Both characters have a very unique chemistry which makes me appreciate Sidney.

Sidney is a very surprising character because she is smart, beautiful and self conscious but at the same time she can be a bit of an idiot although that isn’t her fault. You need the main characters in a horror movie to be a bit of an idiot so the narrative of the horror movie can go on. A moment of idiocracy is when Sidney has sex with her boyfriend and does not acknowledge his advances towards her because rule one of a horror movie: “You can never have sex!” Sidney broke that rule.

Although it does make her the new ‘final girl’. The ‘final girl’ is a horror trope in which the survivor of a horror movie is a virgin female and despite the fact that Sidney lost her virginity, she still manages to survive and in the end she becomes a badass hero after killing Billy and his accomplice Stu Matcher. Despite her internal demons, she breaks free from them and makes herself a determined brave heroine and that is admirable of her.

Sidney Prescott is a perfect example of the ‘final girl’ and she has carried on to be an amazing hero in the rest of the Scream films. Sidney is an admirable feminist icon in the horror genre and very deserving of her title: ‘Scream Queen’.

Supernatural Character: Charlie Bradbury Opinion Piece

*****TINY SPOILER*****

Charlie Bradbury is a name, I and many fans will never forget because she is such a great character that represents most teenage girls. Charlie is a character so relatable that what she does, is a prediction of what would happen if the fans were to work with supernatural hunters and legends, Sam and Dean Winchester.

Firstly who is Charlie Bradbury? Well she is a red head lesbian who is a big nerdy fan of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and Star Wars. As well as that she is a I.T genius with an incredible ability to hack into any system. Charlie was the epitome of all the fangirls. A shy person who eventually came out of that shell by fighting supernatural monsters.

She was played by actress and real life nerd Felicia Day. Charlie’s first appearance was in Season 7 Episode 20, ‘The Girl With The Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo’. Her introduction is reminiscent because it references Christian Bale’s entrance, in American Psycho, when he listens ‘Walking on Sunshine’ by Katrina and the Waves after a good night of murders. (Not that Charlie is a serial killer) The entrance just summarises her personality of joy and great taste of music. The song is a symbol of irony as the day she expects to great turns out to be a mess of events when her boss is eaten by the monster clone CEO of the company she works for.

Charlie was a hero of mine because she inspired me to be confident and accepting of who you are. In addition she showed me that you can be a hero as well as a badass. This geeky redhead is a beloved character which we deserve and want to see more of. Her relationship with the hunter brothers Dean and Sam have shown to me that family does not necessarily have to be about blood. In fact Charlie and the Winchesters are an idyllic image of friendship and kinship.

This is what female characters should be now as it shows to girls that it is okay to be a nerd. In addition not all female characters have to be used as a love interest or a pretty gaze. Charlie Bradbury is a extraordinary average girl who has different tastes in dating people. The fact that Charlie is a lesbian shows that it is perfectly okay to have a different sexuality and that you can get who ever you want, for looks do not matter when personality is more crucial.

I honestly want there to be more Charlie Bradbury and she deserves to be a bigger character on the show because she is the perfect hunter, geek and hacker that every person should aspire to be.

The Walking Dead Character: Negan and Lucille Opinion piece

*****SPOILER FREE*****

The title says it all … perhaps. October 23rd 2016 (or 24th for those in the UK) was an important date in the calendar. 23rd October was the day when The Walking Dead fans find out who came face-to-face with Lucille. This is a spoiler free post so be glad that I don’t tell you who comes face-to-face with Lucille.

This will be an opinion piece taking into account of other people’s opinions regarding the most anticipated villain of all time: Negan and Lucille. So let’s start by asking the question: Who is Negan and Lucille? In the comic books, Negan was a high school gym coach and a car salesman before the walker outburst. Funny, once a car salesman and now a sadistic leader of the group, the Saviours. Negan was married to … Lucille. Lucille was the wife of Negan pre-apocalypse and she and Negan were together despite knowing Negan had a mistress. Lucille died of cancer and Negan was alone. Once the apocalypse came, Negan wrapped barbed wire around a baseball bat and named it Lucille. The baseball bat was named after his dead wife Lucille.

Negan came to life by actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Season 6, Episode 16, ‘Last Day on Earth’ and Season 7, Episode 01, ‘The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be.’ Must I say that Morgan’s portrayal is fantastic. Negan was shown to be a psychotic man and his personality is fantastically portrayed. Although the comic book has Negan speak in crude and profane language, the TV show tames his speech and dialogue. (Don’t worry though, the DVD release has extra bonus footage of Negan dropping 23 f* bombs).

Personally I was excited for the arrival of Negan because his story is so interesting. He is a savage man who enjoys gore and violence yet he does not stand for sexual violence against women. (Feminist? Maybe…) I was also excited because Jeffrey Dean Morgan was playing Negan. I mean JDM is my one of my favourite actors. He funnily played John Winchester in Supernatural and Thomas Wayne in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

When we were revealed the victim of Lucille in Season 7 premiere ***No Spoiler*** Many of the fans unlike me were disgusted and hateful towards Negan. I mean someone had to die. I’m not saying I’m Pro-Negan (Let’s be honest that is what I’m saying) I’m saying that we need to give Negan a chance. It would be interesting to see how Negan’s character develops on and according to my sources, Negan undergoes a grand arch so who knows what will happen for the future.

As for Lucille, she is a beauty. She seems to be a really effective weapon and I would definitely make my own Lucille, if a Zombie apocalypse were ever to come. Lucille and Negan are one. You can’t have just one without the other. They come together like Brangelina (RIP). Funnily in the comic books, it is suggested that Negan has sexual thoughts about Lucille the bat. I mean yes Lucille is beautiful but I wouldn’t go far as to have sexual thoughts about her.

So in conclusion: I adore Negan and Lucille and say they are one of the top favourite characters in my list.