Queer Eye (General Review)

So what would the Fabulous gay Five from Netflix’s TV Show Queer Eye, say if they walked into my life to help me a better version of myself:

Karamo Brown (Culture): We need to raise your confidence levels to the max! Stop procrastinating! Fight your low self-esteem…

Tan France (Style/Fashion): The baggy clothes make you look short and stubby. Plus there are better colours than black. Go for print shirts, blazers, roll those sleeves up, french tuck that shirt.

Antoni Porowski (Food/Wine Expert): You have a pretty decent taste in food but we need to teach you the many ways of an avocado. My favourite thing to make is guacamole.

Jonathan Van Ness (Grooming): Girl, use shampoos without sodium sulfate as it damages your hair. Shampoos with sodium sulfate use the same chemical to clean car engines with. Plus there are more styles than just buns and pony tails.

Bobby Berk (Interior Decor): Oh my god! Dark walls with bright lighting make the room look better and elevated. Your room looks like five year old lives here.

Yeah it wouldn’t be good. I recently binge-watched the newest TV Show on Netflix, Queer Eye.

The reality documentary show follow five gay guys, who I have introduced in the introduction. They specialise in certain areas and go around the country, helping people revolutionize and live a better life. One changes diet, clothes, looks, home and personal outlook. Netflix rebooted the show which was ten years old and it is the best thing to watch.

Usually I find reality shows to be over dramatic but Queer Eye breaks all my stereotypical thoughts and present me with an open minded perspective. The show spectacularly showcases a rawness that allows audiences to feel encapsulated by the changes made to people’s lives. During those changes, you get exposed to the different people with different stories and at the end of the day, you realise that we are all the same human beings; regardless of sexuality, age, gender, religious belief and race. What matters is how we benefit and aid humanity for a better path. The show breaks all sterotypes of tough masculinity and femininity. It gives the freedom of choosing your own identity which is what kept me going and honestly made me literally cry in every epsiode.

I cannot pick a fab five guy because they all are spectacularly fantastic. Each with their own stories and struggles that honestly the fab five have been recast perfectly. I have a couple of favourite transitions which include:

  • Season 1, Episode 4: To Gay or Not Too Gay. This episode really had a powerful resonance as you felt the tensions and worries, A.J. had when trying to come out to his mother as gay. The episode was truly special and it made me understand being gay is not easy.
  • Season 2, Episode 1: Praise the Gay. Female usher Tammye, brought me love, warmth and comfort. Not only did the fab five teach her, she taught them and she adopted them and loved them. It gives rise to a benevolent religion which is not constrained by rules and regulations. One of my favourite episodes.

There were many more but these two were truly special to my heart. So do I recommend watching the show? ABSO-F**KING-LUTELY. The show is real and it inspires you to be a better version of yourself. You fall in love with five gay men and it promises to make you cry with real life stories. Honestly go watch it now and the tears are worth it because this show deserves so much love and respect!


American Horror Story: Coven Review

Ding Dong! The coven is dead. Which Coven? The Grand Coven of course. We’re at Season three of American Horror Story and this time it’s about witches. A message of feminism to every single audience member and a perhaps little more light hearted than the other series. We are heading to American Horror Story: Coven.

Once again, we’re in a new place: New Orleans. The home of Jazz, southern accents and witches. It is set in the modern day and honestly being a witch in the modern day seemed like a great deal. This was a female dominated cast with notable names like Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, Frances Conroy, Lily Rabe, Emma Roberts and Angela Bassett, of course Evan Peters was here for a small minority of the show. The show was okay as the scare level wasn’t that high and the plot was somewhat interesting.

Throughout the entire show my fabourite characters were: Sarah Paulson shone as Headmistress Cordelia Foxx; Angela Bassett as Marie Laveau was spectacular and Jessica Lange was a badass supreme Fiona Goode but all the other characters weren’t interesting or likable. For some reason I could not enjoy this season of AHS as the individual character development was weak. The way characters interacted with one another was well created, especially between Marie Laveau and Fiona Goode.

There wasn’t an antagonist in this but rather the main protagonists themselves were the bad guys as Fiona Goode attempts to prevent the next supreme from weakening Fiona and taking her power. This was an interesting take on a villain but it didn’t fascinate or scare me.


I would recommend Coven for Sarah Paulson, Angela Bassett and Jessica Lange as they did an amazing job, being strong powerful witchy women but other than that, the plot was not engaging and it felt cringe at times. Overall it was not that great.

Yuri!!! on Ice (General Review)

It’s been a year since this show appeared on screen, taking millions of hearts and smashing them to pieces. A movie is in the production and I wanted to talk about the hit anime Yuri!!! on Ice or Yuuri!!! on Ice. (Choose whichever spelling because it doesn’t really matter)

So the series follows a twenty-three/twenty-four year old Japanese skater known as Yuri Katsuki. He has a major crush on the champion skater Victor Nikiforov, ever since he was a young kid. Yuri loses a championship in the beginning due to his anxiety and self-consciousness. He does not have inspiration and returns to his hometown, Hasetsu, Japan. Victor finds a video of a performance of Yuri, recreating his first gold medal performance and becomes inspired to coach Yuri. It’s a story of transition from a shy bumbling low achiever, growing to be a successful confident skater.

I don’t usually watch anime; a lot of my friends were talking about it and there was a lot of online buzz about the show. The internet was constantly talking about the show so curiosity got the better of me and I binged the entire show. I am unbelievably hooked and just amazed!

The characters are amazing. Each character is unique and got their own dreams to achieve the gold medal at the end. You love all the characters and can’t settle your heart on just one, although my favourite characters are Yuri and Victor. The romance between them is beautiful. It’s not fake and is grown to be a natural thing. A much better love story than any romance film. The art style and music were a constant hooking factor and I can’t get enough of the show.

My favourite episode is the seventh episode because it’s a constant roller coaster of emotion. It’s the definitive moment of a change within Yuri as he excels the performance to which Yuri and Victor share their first kiss. It’s a beautiful sweet moment and inspires me to want to take up figure skating.

The show is amazing and I definitely recommend it. It makes the homosexual love story as natural as a heterosexual love story which is what ever romance story should be. It is a great and quick watch although the future of the show is difficult to see. I cannot wait for what is to come for Yuri!!! on Ice and you will not be disappointed, watching this show.

P.S. It’s Victor’s birthday today!

American Horror Story: Asylum Review

What’s more disturbing? A killer with a mommy issues, demons or aliens? Honestly all three are awful and they have all joined together to form the second season of American Horror Story: Asylum. Just a warning, some of the stuff I write may be a little disturbing so turn away now.

Firstly this season takes place in a completely different setting to the first season as this season focuses on American mental institutions in the 60s and 70s. The show travels back and forth from 1964 to 2010 and Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk nailed getting the 60s and 70s right. This had some of the same actors return with new roles and identities. Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters come back with somewhat new actors Zachary Quinto, Frances Conroy and Lily Rabe. Watching the show, I had no idea what asylums were like and this season painted a vivid image, with nuns caning people and using electroshock therapy which is somewhat used today. The show played with my sanity which is the entire focus of this season. A great way to engage with the audience by completely destroying their sanity.

Secondly, the characters were easy to choose this time. There were some characters you loved to death like Kit Walker (Evan Peters) who is an all around cinnamon roll and Lana Winters (Sarah Paulson) who was a badass queen. There were characters you could love and hate at the same time like queen B*tch Sister Jude Martin (Jessica Lange) and psychiatrist Oliver Thredson (Zachary Quinto). Other characters which would make your insides churn with disgust like Nazi misogynist Dr. Arthur Arden (James Cromwell) and possessed Sister Mary Eunice (Lily Rabe). This show presented these characters to be bad as well as good and honestly it does help to create a interestingly complex story.

Thirdly, the antagonist. I thought to myself: “How distressing, can American Horror Story get?” It gets more stressful. The religious imagery completely changes my perspective on religion and it messes with my brain. I still cannot forget what happens to Lana and Bloodyface being a total creepy sh*t with scary mommy issues. The disturbing imagery kept me locked further and I was constantly interested through the story. The first half of the season was the best part yet when it got to the last few episodes, I couldn’t help but feel that they rushed it slightly. The build up to the revelation of Bloodyface was great but everything after that was a mess.

With the story being creepy, you wouldn’t expect to get a few laughs. This show had me laughing with tears when I came to episode ten: ‘The Name Game’. In the midst of all the creepiness, the show brought lighthearted humour by having the characters sing to Shirley Ellis’ The Name Game. This brought joy as I fell on the floor laughing at the random musical number. All the actors were dancing and singing, for a moment I forgot all the horror I had seen. I danced and sang along to the sequence and just feel complete.

Asylum is a definite recommendation as it causes your skin to crawl while still fascinating you with an awesome story line and an amazing musical number. I still re-watch the musical number sequence because it brings immense joy to my heart.

American Horror Story: Murder House Review

Halloween is coming soon and I was in the mood to get scared. I saw images for the latest season of American Horror Story (AHS): Cult and it looked fantastic! I thought why not watch AHS and so I decided to watch the first series known as Murder House. I have many interesting thoughts regarding this series.

Firstly, the production value was impressive. The fact that the entire story takes place in such a intricately designed horror house is astounding. All the stories were within one setting which allows me to follow an easy yet slightly complicated narrative. In addition this season does not use the stereotypical horror cliches which makes it all the more frightening. After watching the last episode of this season, I was completely frightened, lost and confused. My reality was warped and messed up because of Murder House. There were so many twists and turns that completely messed with me and my mind that I had a difficulty grasping which was real and which was not. The fact that a TV show can make me feel paranoid is a TV show well made. It sticks with the audience and makes it iconic.

Secondly I appreciated the way the characters were so descriptive and realistic. It gave me a reason to love and hate them, which is what I think is missing in some fictional characters. There are moments when I feel sorry for character and the next I feel so angry and disgusted at them. An example would be Tate Langdon (Evan Peters) who is a boy that falls in love with the daughter of the main family: Violet Harmon (Taissa Farmiga). All I can say is there will be a point where you fall in love with him and feel the utmost pity for him. The next second, your heart will shatter and turn. Providing a character with flaws allows for a story to be properly told rather than having an all good or all evil character who you root for or you hate.

Thirdly, the morality of the show was explicitly told well. The show presents a truth to life and gives a blunt truth to the many things of life like self harming, infidelity, pregnancy and trauma. It makes the show more enjoyable and relatable to people which is important in order to gain and audience. Although it addressed issues very clearly, the show messed up my moral compass. There were times when I was excusing the mutilation and murder and I thought to myself “Why am I okay with the fact that that poor girl was horribly mutilated?” Once again proving that the show messed with my mind, soul and morality. The ending of the season was heart-wrenching in a positive and negative way giving a great finish to one story.

So would I recommend AHS: Murder House? I think it depends if you do not mind twisted plots that mess with your head. The show makes you uncomfortable with what it presents and I think you need to have a strong heart and mentality to watch the show. It’s not so much scary but it definitely sends chills down your spines and thus I would only recommend Murder House if you can handle … odd themes.

Breaking Bad, Season 1 ‘Pilot’ Review

Did you ever feel like your teachers were more than they let on? Ever had the suspicion that your chemistry teacher is running a drug operation? No, well this show will make you think that. I watched the first episode of the hit series Breaking Bad and have many things to say.

Firstly, the show mixing science is done so well and it explains chemistry so easy to me that I could start creating my own drug empire. But I won’t because of morals. The chemistry is well researched and clear to understand, allowing for the audience to engage further with the show. I have now learnt how to evade annoying people by creating mustard gas, so thumbs up to the science. I should’ve watched Breaking Bad to start a business.

Secondly the characters are amazing. Everyone knows Walter White. I knew him briefly and watching the episode I can understand why people place him on a pedestal. He’s an average man who works hard for his wife and child; working multiple jobs to pay for costs and having heard he’s got cancer, really hits him. He is an inspiring badass person that you can’t excuse for the drug crime. Jesse Pinkman is a lovable character that you are just in awe in. These characters introduce you to a ‘street’ version and ‘professional’ version of the drug business.

Finally the visuals and soundtrack were awesome. The beginning shot was iconic and focused. The scene of him wearing the green shirt and underwear is what you see on the first season of the poster and it entices you greatly. I remember watching the beginning of the episode for my work and the symbolism I understood wasn’t like that.

I would definitely recommend watching this show because you understand a lot of the plot in the first episode and it does not waste time. It carefully and meticulously gives you information without spending too much time. The science of the show is truly authentic and it is a truly expressive show. Watch the show and excuse me while I start cooking some crystal meth.

Hemlock Grove, Season 1 ‘Jellyfish in the Sky’ Review

As I finished watching Supernatural, Netflix recommended me this show: ‘Hemlock Grove’. It looked interesting for the poster included three faces wrapped in some malevolent dark smoke. I took a closer look at the poster and noted that it had Famke Janssen (X-Men) and Bill Skarsgard (It: Chapter One). So I decided to go ahead and watch the first episode and there were some interesting thoughts in my head when I was watching this.

First, I need to address the special effects, for they were amazing throughout, especially towards the end where the lanterns faded to be jellyfish. Hence the title of the episode. It was an entrancing visual and wish it could last longer. It enticed me into the colour scheme, which consisted of purely yellow. It made me feel uneasy which is a good thing. The yellow contrasts with the genre, causing a complex feeling.

Now the beginning of the episode settled you immediately into the construct of the show because it starts off with Roman Godfrey (Bill Skarsgard) having sex with a prostitute. Great(!) This indicated that I would have to settle for extreme sexual content, for future episodes which I don’t think I’m comfortable with but I’ll do it because the story interests me. Straight after that I witnessed the grizzly murder of a teenage girl who’s insides were scooped out. It was definitely gruesome as my stomach churned. I would have vomited if I hadn’t been exposed to gore like I had in Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. Especially at the moment when the girl’s nail comes off and I felt like hurling. It now addressed that the show had extreme gore and I was ready to get settled in.

The episode was unique because it focused you on the characters more than the plot. You meet Peter Rumancek, a hairy teenager (adult) who moves into his uncle’s trailer with his mother. He is suspected of being a werewolf by a creepy stalker writer who generated the rumour because his index and middle fingers were the same length? Already I was creeped out and had uncomfortable chills running down my spine. Then came Roman Godfrey , a rich kid with an intense stare. It was difficult to tell whether I was scared or crushing on him. Anyhow we hear Peter talk to his mother about Roman being an Upir.

What’s an upir? I honestly have no clue but I think it could possibly be a vampire because the beginning showed Roman cutting his thumb and consuming a little bit more blood than any person would. Roman’s sister Shelley was a surprising terrifying sight for being a seven foot tall zombie. Yet when you see her take her wig off, you instantly regret the negative thoughts you have of her and feel sorry for her. The character development was exceptionally done. The plot was simplified in an adequate way that you don’t miss a whole lot out.

The first episode was an interesting episode as it progressed and it ends at an interesting cliffhanger which persuades you to watch more. I would recommend watching it if you are over eighteen and can handle explicit gore and sexual content. A unique contrast to other pilot episodes of TV series’.