Preacher, Season 1 ‘Pilot’ Review

Recently a teaser for Preacher season 2 came out and it looked amazing. I then realised I had not even seen the first season and Preacher was on my To-Watch list so I decided to satisfy that need … only because I had run out other shows to watch as I’d have to wait months for the next season to come.

I watched the ‘Pilot’ episode to get a taste of what the episode is about and I had many interesting thoughts. Firstly the production value was amazing and well used because it really helped me to get settled into what the narrative of the TV show is. It really immersed me within the show. Especially the first opening sequence which was incredibly made and my favourite part was when the priest exploded onto the congregation. It was a perfect moment for me.

The characters are well written and well acted especially Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer. He truly acts like a priest who has seen bad days but the one thing that really bugs me is the accent because I know Dominic Cooper is a British actor. The accent really distracts me but I understand it is part of the narrative. Another great character is Cassidy because he is amazing and hilarious especially his dialect. At first he came across to me as a bad guy but when I got to know him, I realised he was a good guy and a badass especially when he fights the people on the aeroplane before jumping out.

The episode opens many questions for me and keeps me hooked so I continue to watch the season. The plot is rather complex but I think when you watch the rest of the series the storyline becomes much clearer. In addition I like the realism the show brings because it does not paint priesthood and religion in a flowery image and I really appreciate that. It shows me a good and bad side of religion.

Another great thing about the show is the soundtrack. Usually I’m not a fan of country music but the country music in this is well suited and it makes me appreciate it even more. The use of Johnny Cash gives me something new to listen to and really helps to immerse me within the Texas environment the show is trying to tell me.

Finally and what is most important is the comedy the show has. From the posters the show looks like like a serious show but when watching it, I didn’t realise how funny it would be, it made me laugh when I least expected it and I think that is important when it comes to watching TV shows.

Preacher is something I would definitely recommend watching because it is well made. It keeps you interested through out and the plot is something you can sink your teeth into. It truly is great.


Rick and Morty, Season 1 ‘Pilot’ Review

I have been watching many real life TV Shows for a while and I wanted something a little different to my tastes. A friend subtlety hinted to me, the show Rick and Morty. Cartoons like Rick and Morty aren’t usually my taste but I thought “Why not give it a try? It’s something new!” So I obviously decided to watch the ‘Pilot’ episode to see if it is something worth my while. Let’s just say I have many interesting thoughts about the pilot episode.

Firstly can I say, the plot of the first episode is really interesting and hilarious. Personally I don’t favour crude and sexual jokes but the jokes in this episode make me appreciate the humour and having it mixed with slapstick humour allows me to enjoy the episode even more. The plot was simple: Morty is missing out on school because of his adventures with his grandfather Rick Sanchez. On one of their adventures Rick and Morty have to escape customs after trying to sneak some seeds from another dimension back to their own dimension. A simple plot to follow but a rather clever introduction. The storyline was succinct but informative. The pilot episode managed to introduce a new universe to me within the space of half an hour.

Secondly the fact that Rick and Morty is a cartoon, makes the jokes and narrative even more hilarious. Animation can allow makers to defy rules of the real world and this is what makes cartoon enjoyable. The cartoon animation is well thought out and it helps to lift the experience of the story even more.

Thirdly and finally the voice acting is the fantastic. Justin Roiland does the voice for both the titular characters Rick and Morty. I mean many actors can do main different voices for characters i.e. Seth MacFarlane but I feel Justin Roiland really makes the characters come alive. You can really see and imagine two different people voicing the characters when in actual fact it is one man voicing two different characters. Hats off to you, Mr. Roiland!

As well as the praises, I do have a complaint to make but it’s just a small minutiae complaint and that is that some of the comedy makes me a little uncomfortable. I mean I said before that I don’t appreciate crude humour but there were a few jokes that were okay but another few jokes that made me recoil slightly but hey if it works! It works!

Overall is this something worth my while? Yes it is. Will I continue to watch this series and its future series? Yes I will. Will I become over-obsessed with Rick and Morty? There is no doubt about that. I would definitely recommend watching Rick and Morty because it is something that will bring a smile to your face as well as make you laugh with perverted jokes.

Supernatural (General Review)

Demon-hunting brothers, driving around in a 1967 black Chevrolet Impala. That’s my kind of show. This is a TV show that follows two brothers and their friend: Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) plus Castiel (Misha Collins). They hunt and fight evil supernatural beings like monsters, demons, and ghosts that roam the earth. This American series is a hit TV show with an ardent cult fan base and eleven years’ worth of entertainment. Supernatural is a fantastically written show that deals with various issues to send meaningful morals to the audience.

Supernatural is enjoyable for many reasons: Firstly it has a great cast, who display an array of talents. These talents have created loveable beloved characters i.e. Sam, Dean, Castiel and Crowley (Mark A. Sheppard). When the actors are not playing their character, they are seen working hard on their charity campaigns like Always Keep Fighting and I Am Enough (Campaign that focuses on helping the Orlando Family Victims). These men, who say they have flaws, are the kindest and most inspirational men. I am always in constant awe of these humans, who have everything yet are humble and thankful.

The characters shown have been well acted and written. Sam, Dean and Castiel have changed so much after eleven years and they are still learning and growing which is admirable to the fans. They’ve gone through their own literal struggles of life and it shapes the way they think and act. The fans feel empathy for the brothers as they deal with issues like the death of their parents; the death of each other; their friends and their family. We, as fans feel close to the brothers and friend for some of us have been growing up with the boys since 2005.

Not only are the characters great but the major and minor story arcs have been a huge hit with the fans. Each season is a multitude of storylines that present different choices with varied consequences. The show uses urban legends to introduce fans to new monsters and generate a new wave of interest in cultural myths. Supernatural is a show that deals with sacrifice, hope, low-self esteem, depression, love, self-hate and making the hardest choice. Supernatural is not just a show, it’s a family, all the actors and fans are united as one. A wise man once said ‘Family don’t end in blood.’

The Walking Dead, Season 6 finale ‘Last Day on Earth’ Review

What comes to mind when you hear the word, ‘Walkers’? For some, they think of those crisps, whose ads are controlled by Gary Linekar while others recognise the word as a term for zombies in the hit American TV Show, The Walking Dead. The season six finale, titled ‘Last Day on Earth’ had me screaming and shouting, demanding for answers as well as collecting ‘evidence’ to support my theories of the finale.

The show – adapted from writer, Robert Kirkman’s comic books – follows a group of survivors, in a zombie apocalypse, who move from one temporary haven to another before finally settling in the protected area, Alexandria. The group, led by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), slowly tackle adapting to the Alexandrian way. Rick’s group are able to teach the Alexandrians the right way to survive but Rick ends up getting Alexandria in trouble. The team’s cockiness lands them in hot water with Negan played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

I am an avid fan of the show and I was excited for the introduction of Negan. An intimidating, (and a psychotically sexy!) bad guy, although I miss Negan’s quirky funny swears from the comic book. All that fades when we meet Negan’s weapon, Lucille. This bat covered in barbed wire caused great tension in fans as well as joy or as Negan puts it ‘She is awesome!’ The fan favourite character was getting the screen and it was served justice. Jeffrey Dean Morgan spectacularly threw himself into this role and the result came out well. Character depiction was spot on but the season finale! I was sitting in the corner of my room, clutching my hair and frantically hyperventilating.

Negan meets Rick’s group. It was and I quote from Negan, ‘pee-pee pants city here’. Negan punishes the group by beating ‘the holy hell outta’ one of the group members. The moment is intense with Negan constantly deciding who to ‘Lucille’. Negan decides to settle it the traditional way, using the rhyme ‘Eeny Meeny Miny Moe’ to decide who to kill. Before the victim is unveiled, we are switched to the victim’s point of view, watching Negan beat us to the pulp with Lucille and the screams of the group, drowned by the rhythm of Lucille beating us and Negan praising us ‘Taking it like a champ!’.

When the credits rolled, my remote found itself wedged right in the middle of the TV screen. (Not really(!)) I wanted to know who got beat up by Lucille. So I was upset with the finale. It was fantastically delivered but it got me wired up, not knowing who came face-to-face with Lucille. Season seven better answer my question and unfortunately season seven returns in October. So that will be a great few months of intensive therapy for me. That finale was definitely the ‘Last Day on Earth’ because all hell is going to break loose … so brace yourselves.