Batman: The Enemy Within Review

Do I really look like a guy with a plan? You know what I am? I’m a dog chasing cars. I wouldn’t know what to do with one if I caught it. You know, I just do things. The Mob has plans, the cops have plans, Gordon’s got plans. You know, they’re schemers. Schemers trying to control their little worlds. I’m not a schemer. I try to show the schemers how pathetic their attempts to control things really are. Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. I’m an agent of chaos. Oh, and you know the thing about chaos, it’s fair.

Okay Joker, I understand what you’re saying and don’t know why I idolised Batman for so long. Oh well. The second series of Telltale’s Batman came out and it has been the greatest fun playing this game series.

Once again it is an interactive graphic adventure game that allows the player to step into the world of Batman and Bruce Wayne. This time you have to make friends with enemies or destroy allies. The game tests your loyalty and honestly the tones of the game were reminiscent to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy hence the reason why I quoted the Joker. This game features the Joker, Harley Quinn, Bane, Mr. Freeze and the Riddler as well as Catwoman.

The gameplay’s the same as it was simple. Instructions popped up and you were able to carry out tasks with ease. The story line however grew more intriguing with favourite characters like John Doe (Who could possibly become the Joker or vigilante. Again the choice is down to you. Literally.) and Tiffany Fox (daughter of Lucius Fox and the new tech genius behind Batman). The story line was a major improvement from the last game as there was more action, character dynamics and the way your choices had an effect  your relationship with a character really influences the way you make choices.

The finale was the best finale as you had the big battle of Joker/Vigilante? Again dependent on the choices you make as a player. Your loyalty was tested and I really hated making choices which made one person happy but another person angry and that was a really cool feature of the game as it got you to think on how you make your choices.

This second chapter is much better than its predecessor in terms of action and choices. This raises my expectations for the third season of the game and I cannot wait to see what Telltale does for the third season of Batman.


Doki Doki Literature Club Review

akinom Technology is becoming so dangerous, at this point we have to worry about sentient technology. Alexa, Siri and Amazon Echo are dangerous monsters who will develop feelings and eventually take over the world. Doki Doki Literature Club is just a small snippet into what happens when a game becomes self-aware that it is a game. akinom

AKINOM So on the surface it looks like a sort of dating simulator where the player (you) are a male and at the behest of your friend Sayori, go to a literature club to write poetry and try to date one of the girls in the club. Sounds fun, right? Absolutely not. It is a messed up game that is self aware of who and what you are and will control the way you play the game. There are four girls to choose from: Yuri, Natuski, Sayori and M O N I K A.

M O N I K A  I S  H E R E The first few moments of the game were light hearted and cute. I was having preferences to Sayori and Yuri. The poems were actually well written (To a point) and some of the way the girls view literature was such unique perspective that it inspired me to read more. However things get out of hand way quickly and I had to turn off the game after Sayori does something. My mental psychology was badly affected and I had to watch JackSepticEye and the Game Grumps play Doki Doki because it had a torturous impact on my head. M O N I K A   I S  A L W A Y S  H E R E

M O N I K A  I S  T H E  O N E  Y O U  D E S E R V E Oh by the way I should mention that the game came with a bunch of warnings like an age limit and not to play the game if you have anxiety or depression. So do I recommend the game? No. Y E S       M O N I K A  I S  H E R E  lmkccccccccccccfti bu|uo.mfcr woeio  \_______________________________________________________________FEEEEEEEEEE___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________getout

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator Review

The day I posted my review on Five Night’s at Freddy’s: Sister Location, the sixth game released to fans everywhere. It was convenient but tiresome as this game was totally unexpected for me. Scott Cawthorn has released Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator which is a completely new game.

Instead of working as an employee, we become the employer as we start to design and create our own pizza restaurant with our own animatronics. You can get the classic gang: Freddy, Bonnie, Foxy and Chica or new ones like Bucket Bob, Mr. Can-do, Mr. Hugs, No. 1 and Pan Stan. Things have definitely changed from the last game. Again we have to stay in a room to reboot systems and survive about five nights as usual. In terms of the narrative, just watch Matpat. He has the story about the FNAF series covered so if your’e interested in the lore then watch his theories.

I had assumed the game was cancelled as all the news claimed it was. I was going through Steam when a message popped up saying that the sixth game was out. Immediately I played it. It took a long time but I got to the end and my god! It felt like all the loose threads were tying up together and I never felt so accomplished in my life as I received the completion round. It was a perfect end and I felt no need to repeat the game for more endings. It was perfectly terrifying in moments, and well designed animatronic characters. Five Nights have upped their game with creepy voices, creepy movement and gritty character design.

I would definitely recommend the game because it is a perfect (end) to the FNaF game series. It answers a lot of questions and once again changes the experience of gaming. Now I can finally relax without having to worry about animatronics in my house.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 5: Sister Location Review

Due to the massive success, and, even more so, the unfortunate craziness of Five Nights at Freddy’s, it was clear that the stage was set (no pun intended) for another contender in game player’s torture. Unlike most entertainment venues, our robotic entertainers are rented out to scare you, and it’s your job to get yourself killed by new human-like robots by the morning.

So, here we are. The fifth game that is like no other, with many changes.

We are in another entertainment franchise known as Circus Baby’s Pizza World which has now become a storage facility. We are hired as a technician for this world. We have to move around to check on the animatronics and survive about five nights as usual. In terms of the narrative and where it fits in the Five Night’s at Freddy’s timeline just watch Matpat. He has the story about the FNAF series covered.

This game came as a bit of a surprise as I had not expected it to appear. I only discovered it when Markiplier and upoloaded his first video on the series and I quickly bought it and played the game. It was interesting and unique because the game now allowed you to move between locations, it was a great feature and I liked the art style of the game. IT terrified me and I love the scare factor in this game. The voices brought chills to my spine and the movement of the animatronics absolutely haunted me. Especially the moment when you try to go to a control room and see Ballora spin past. Circus Baby is my favourite animatronic so far because her design is just inviting and mystifying.

I finished the game with a lot of sweat and let Markiplier go through the custom nights. The game had more lore and it was just great to get an even deeper understanding to the game. The sounds helped to heighten my experiene of the game and the Circus Baby mini game was a great game to play. I hope that the next game is just as good as this.

Overall, I recommend the game because it is a truly unique experience. It is much more interactive. It is funny, charming and downright spooky and it is crucial to play this game. Now I better barricade myself to avoid having my innards scooped by a creepy animatronic known as Ennard.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 Review

One, two, Freddy’s coming for you.

Three, four, Better shut the door

Five, six, look out for breathing.

Seven, eight, Gotta wait till six.

Nine, ten, you are dead….

I never realised that there were so many similarities between Freddy Krueger and Five Nights at Freddy’s:

  • There are murderers that go after children
  • The murderers come back to life to kill people
  • There are five accidents
  • Sharp nail-like knives
  • Uglyness
  • Humour
  • Creepy sounds

If they reveal Freddy Krueger underneath Freddy Fazbear, then I will delete my life. So people I will be talking about the fourth game in the Five Night’s at Freddy’s series: FNAF 4. The game that changes from it’s predecessors in lore, design and gameplay.

Where are we this time, I hear you ask? We are in a house in the middle of nowhere. Why has Scott Cawthorn done that? To be honest, I believe it is due to the lore. It links somehow I mean, If you watch Matpat’s latest theory on the story about the FNAF series then you’ll understand how the fourth game is linked. This game was meant to be the final chapter but we all know that’s not the case. In this game we are a child that has to survive seven – eight nights from our nightmares. New designs of the animatronics have been made and I have to say they are amazing. My favourite designs are the Halloween updates which just astound me.

The trailer for this screamed to me Nightmare on Elm Street and FNAF 4 payed great homage to the beloved Wes Craven film series. Playing this game was great fun. I didn’t feel a compulsive need to play for the finishing of the story and I once again worked hard to finish the game with help from Markiplier’s video tutorials and I was satisfied. Although this game was ‘The Final Chapter’, it was a great game that entertained you throughout. The mini games were amazing and saddening. This is my favourite FNAF game of all time, I honestly cannot wait for the sixth game.

I recommend this game the most because it is a unique experience. The art style is amazing and you truly envision yourself being a child who is eventually bit by one of the monsters and you witness purple guy getting into a spring trap suit. The mini games are great. Seriously play this game on PC and don’t worry so much about the lore of this game.

Night Trap Review

NIGHT TRAP! Do do do do do do THIS POST WILL FIND YOU! NIGHT TRAP! Do do do do do do WATCH OUT BEHIND YOU! NIGHT TRAP! Do do do do do do YOU’LL HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE! This time we are going to be reviewing the twenty-five year old re-released game: Night Trap. The controversial game of the 90s was re-released on the PC for a twenty-fifth anniversary.

You, the player are a member of S.C.A.T (Sega Control Attack Team). Your job is to ensure the safety of five girls with a secret undercover agent Kelly (Dana Plato) as well as trapping Augers. Augers are vampiric zombies that are working with the Martin family that are becoming vampires themselves. We are given the role to control the traps and cameras to ensure there are not too many Augers as well as  no death.

I had no idea about the game until JackSepticEye had played the game. He mentioned that the Game Grumps had played the game. After watching the game, I decided to play the game to see what the fuss was about the game. I regret playing the game because it is impossible to keep track of Augers, plot and colour code changes. I must have played the game without a playthrough for at least six times and each time I just grew more frustrated with the game and then I had my friend help me go through a walk through but we could not finish it … even with a walkthrough.

Whoever you are and you beat the game … I hope you’re proud of yourself because hats off to you dealing with the frustration. The gameplay is simple as you have to switch between cameras and click the screen/press a button which triggers the traps to set off and trap the Augers and the story is simple as well yet without the real time motion, I had no idea what I was doing. The real time motion allowed you to see what was going on, on other screens when you’re in one part of the screen. What is even more annoying that the game play is only twenty minutes. A lot is happening in twenty minutes which leaves you irritated.

When I read the backstory of the game, in order to find out that the game was part of the reason why the ESRB was launched. The ESRB is the Entertainment Software Rating Board that provides ratings on which games are suitable for audiences. Night Trap was considered disgusting and method to exert violence against women. The game is unbelievably tame and honestly it is impressive for being slightly ahead of its time. The music was my favourite bit because it got you feeling things which is what games are about.

Do I recommend this game? Unless you like to pull your hair out of head. It has cringe humour and if you are amazing at multi-tasking then go ahead and play the game. I challenge you to play it without a walkthrough.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 Review

Third time lucky and we will get through to the very last Five Nights at Freddy’s game. So are you settled? Have you stepped inside a spring suit to listen to my opinion of the third FNAF game.

How many times have they refurbished the pizzeria, I hear you ask? Well we are not in a pizzeria this time. In fact we are a security guard in a horror-themed attraction called Fazbear’s Fright. The attraction was built due to the mystery of the murders surrounding the restaurant. We have to try survive five nights from a rabbit-like animatronic known as Springtrap. The lore gets interesting by the minute.

When I first saw the teaser for this game, I was excited. Springtrap was a terrifying great addition to the game and I love the way he was designed. It was intricate and detailed. When he jumps at you to scare you, you can see each and every detail. By the way! The jump scare moves. I mean the other jumpscares moved too but it was like a .GIF. This version however had Springtrap really get in your face. It was well designed.

The gameplay was certainly unique and slightly easier. I got through the first three nights very easy. I decided to work hard and go through the entire game. It took ages to finish it but it was worth it. At first I got the bad ending but after difficulty, suffrage and cheating I managed to get the good ending and extra bits footage. The game was different to the other FNAF games and liked the artistic style behind it.

I would definitely recommend playing the game which is available and better to play on PC. This third game is quite a contrast and it seriously adds a new dimension and lore to the saga that is Five Nights at Freddy’s.