Night Trap Review

NIGHT TRAP! Do do do do do do THIS POST WILL FIND YOU! NIGHT TRAP! Do do do do do do WATCH OUT BEHIND YOU! NIGHT TRAP! Do do do do do do YOU’LL HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE! This time we are going to be reviewing the twenty-five year old re-released game: Night Trap. The controversial game of the 90s was re-released on the PC for a twenty-fifth anniversary.

You, the player are a member of S.C.A.T (Sega Control Attack Team). Your job is to ensure the safety of five girls with a secret undercover agent Kelly (Dana Plato) as well as trapping Augers. Augers are vampiric zombies that are working with the Martin family that are becoming vampires themselves. We are given the role to control the traps and cameras to ensure there are not too many Augers as well as  no death.

I had no idea about the game until JackSepticEye had played the game. He mentioned that the Game Grumps had played the game. After watching the game, I decided to play the game to see what the fuss was about the game. I regret playing the game because it is impossible to keep track of Augers, plot and colour code changes. I must have played the game without a playthrough for at least six times and each time I just grew more frustrated with the game and then I had my friend help me go through a walk through but we could not finish it … even with a walkthrough.

Whoever you are and you beat the game … I hope you’re proud of yourself because hats off to you dealing with the frustration. The gameplay is simple as you have to switch between cameras and click the screen/press a button which triggers the traps to set off and trap the Augers and the story is simple as well yet without the real time motion, I had no idea what I was doing. The real time motion allowed you to see what was going on, on other screens when you’re in one part of the screen. What is even more annoying that the game play is only twenty minutes. A lot is happening in twenty minutes which leaves you irritated.

When I read the backstory of the game, in order to find out that the game was part of the reason why the ESRB was launched. The ESRB is the Entertainment Software Rating Board that provides ratings on which games are suitable for audiences. Night Trap was considered disgusting and method to exert violence against women. The game is unbelievably tame and honestly it is impressive for being slightly ahead of its time. The music was my favourite bit because it got you feeling things which is what games are about.

Do I recommend this game? Unless you like to pull your hair out of head. It has cringe humour and if you are amazing at multi-tasking then go ahead and play the game. I challenge you to play it without a walkthrough.


Dream Daddy Review

Think of simulator game which does not involve dating dads? I’ll wait. In the meantime I’ll talk to you about the new game: Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator and hopefully I do not make any awful dad-like puns (It’ll be hard to ignore).

This game is made with the YouTube channel Game Grumps and essentially you play as a Dad. You move to the town of Maple Bay with your daughter Amanda. All the hot dateable Dads live in your neighbourhood and you have to see which Dad is perfect for you. There are seven dads and you have to go on two dates with the third date being a final choice of who is your Dream Dad:

What was great about the game was the character design because it was so intricately designed and universal. They were different sizes, skins and it did not make these Dads an object but actual normal people. To further go on the characters stay true to the persona they have been given and definitely look like the role they have been given. The characters have also been given their own flaws which makes it easier for audiences to relate and sympathise with and that’s what I like about the game.

Dream Daddy has a continuously interesting plot throughout and I just could not step a moment away from the game as I fully invested myself in the story. The subplots drew me further into the game especially the plot with my in game daughter Amanda. Attempting to build the relationship with her and going through the hurdle of college (University in the UK) also tests you to see if you would be a good father. When I was playing the game, I had an amazing relationship with Amanda. I mean why would you want to have a horrible relationship with her and she is such a lovely character in the game. If I HAD to choose a favourite character it would be Craig, Robert, Mat, Hugo and Amanda.

In terms of dates, I could not decide who to choose because I fell in love with college
(university) buddy Craig and bad Dad Robert. I first chose Craig as my Dream Daddy and I cried tears of happiness. It was so perfect, romantic and I was just reminded of Brokeback Mountain. I then replayed the game and chose Robert to be my Dream Dad. I cried even harder because it was relatable and honest to me and I could not remember a game that had emotionally affected me.

Not only were the characters beautifully made, the theme song and merchandise were just amazing. I just wished I could by a Dream Daddy crop top but I don’t suit them. The theme song is everything the game is: dreamy and daddy, what more could one ask for? All in all the game is definitely worth playing and is available on PC. Congratulations to the Game Grumps for making the game everyone needed now if you’ll excuse me I have to go watch Brokeback Mountain and cry remembering how awesome the game is.

Friday the 13TH: The Game Review

Remember Dead by Daylight? The game where you trigger generators to escape. do you feel sad that it does not have the killer you want, Jason Voorhees? Fret not because now you can play the game with the world or your friends as you kill your friends in many ways as possible: Dead by Daylight Friday the 13th: The Game

The game can have up to eight people play with seven counselors and one Jason Voorhees. This is the best thing because more kills = more fun. You either work as a team or against each other to escape Camp Crystal lake. The game does not have plot for it focuses on being a past time for people. The only plot you’ll ever need is that you are a counselor that attempts to escape the clutches of Jason. If you really want to get specific then watch the movies. I thoroughly enjoy the game because it gave you the option to have ten different Jason looks:

My favourite Jason look is Savini, Retro and Part 2 Jason. These are a unique and terrifying contrast to the other Jasons. The retro one in particular would remind of Barney the Purple dinosaur. The game is easy to control and it is best played on PC because you can easily use the keyboard to move around. The graphics are okay, the game is slightly buggy because there is a lot going on and I honestly can’t tell if it is a good thing or a bad thing.

The soundtrack of the game is terrifying as you hear the music get louder when Jason is near, which never fails to give me a heart attack every time I am busy looking for things. Speaking of looking of things there are many ways to escape depending on what map you are on. There is the original Camp Crystal lake (small or large); Higgins Haven (Big or small) and Packanack (Lodge or small). All maps include two ways of escaping: Calling the police or escaping by two – three vehicles (vehicles depend as there is a four seater, two seater and a boat)

The game is fun to play because I get the opportunity to kill my friends, as well as seeing the different kind of kills that Jason is capable of. Overall the game is great to play and I would definitely recommend the game if you want to play with four or more of your friends. The game is accessible on most consoles and PC but it is much better to play on PC.

Five Nights At Freddies Review

Since there is a movie upcoming by Blumhouse Production, it makes sense to take a good look at a game that has sent fans into a frenzy since 2014 and that game is the first game in the franchise: Five Nights at Freddies.

A survival horror game that tests your reflexes and management skills from switching between two doors and eleven cameras. You play a security guard, names Mike Schmidt  at a pizzeria where four animatronics roam around and decide to stuff you into an animatronic suit which makes your eyeballs pop out of your sockets. Fun, right(!?) The story is so simple but the creator just loves to intensify it that there are extensive amounts of theories regarding the lore of the games. Game theory has the best researched theory on YouTube.

What can I say about the first, other than it is quite impressive for a first game. When I first played the game, I was so terrified by the unexpected jumpscares that I abandoned the game for a good month before returning back to it and to try finish it completely … or at least what I could manage. Now going back to the game, the jumpscares are quite tame in this game compared to the other ones. The quality is blurry and that helps to elevate the scare factor. The static helps to make the cameras authentic.

The gameplay is definitely different to other games as the scares come to you rather than you go to the scares. In addition the monsters created are so interesting because the design is so intricate and detailed that they manage to look scary and stylistic at the same time which makes me appreciate the game. The four animatronics: Bonnie, Chica, Freddy and Foxy help to make the game iconic as well as the YouTubers that played it like Pewdiepie and Markiplier. I only managed to reach the fifth night and could not complete the sixth or the seventh because they are too difficult for me and I honestly do not have the patience like Markiplier does and so I watched his gameplay when he completed the entire game.

FNAF is a great indie horror game to play if you’re in the horror mood because it will make you jump when you least expect it … and also rage, cry and scream. You have to buy the game it is recommended you play the game with headphones because it requires you to listen rather than just watch but I think you’ll be just fine, provided you are not in a noisy room. I would recommend the game only if you are interested in jumpscares.


Tattletail Review

FURBIES! Turn away because I will be talking about the Five Nights at Freddies style horror survival game: Tattletail. A game that involves a sentient furby like creature, whose mother comes to kill you.

This game brings your worst nightmares to life as you play a little kid, who falls into an abyss when they decide to open their Christmas present early to discover a furby toy called Tattletail. I have never owned a furby and it is good that I did not ask for one because they look like creepy little monsters that have surprising intelligence. I would prefer a rage-induced gremlin than a furby. I had many questions like why did this kid ask for Tattletail?

The plot is simple as you have to survive five nights whilst finding twenty two eggs to ensure a good end to the film. Each night the Tattletail little monster will ask you to do things like play hide-and-seek with a yellow Tattletail and hide from Mama. You have to collect twenty two eggs in order to get the good ending which is somewhat easy because you have to try hide from Mama who is out to kill you. The game is creepy. It does not even jump scare you. It simply causes you to yell at the screen and question why you are doing this.

The game play is only an hour and a half and the controls are simple. Although you have to pay attention otherwise you could end up killing yourself. Another thing about the game is that the Tattletail is so f**king annoying. It makes you want to pull your hair with its stupid needs like “GIVE ME A TREAT”. It’s even worse when it needs to be charged as it screams constantly in a deep demonic voice that you might as well go on an adventure with Satan.

The end is anti-climactic but the seance scene freaked me out the most. Once again I was faced with a list of questions. Overall the game is surprisingly fun to play. I mean don’t get me wrong, it is annoying as hell. Yet it was funny to see someone get so unbelievably frustrated with a creepy furby toy. I wouldn’t recommend the game to those who don’t like furbies but go ahead and play the game if you want to annoy yourself with screams of demands from a sentient toy.


Batman: The Telltale Series Review

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na … BATMAN! I recently bought this game after saving up for it for a few months and it was a game I’ve been dying to play. After having played it, I needed to express what happened, hence here I am.

This is a interactive graphic adventure game that allows the player to step into the world of Batman as the secret identity (Bruce Wayne … sh!). The producer of the game: Telltale are well known in their multi-path story lines. The game has a basic plot: You (Bruce Wayne/Batman), are brought into a time of tense politics and high crime in Gotham. Bruce Wayne has to try to balance defeating the gangster Carmine Falcone; Two Face; Children of Arkham and the Penguin as well as his inner demons/morality.

The gameplay was amazing and simple. Instructions instantly popped and I was able to follow them with ease. It also made my experience more enjoyable because I could devote my attention to the storyline without having to worry on how to play the game which I feel is perfect for a game like Batman. It has a highly extensive plot which requires intense focus. The story line was certainly different because it focused more on the crime aspect which is something the audience miss out because Batman is seen as such an amazing superhero, that he only tackles big bad villains. It is great to know that Batman also fights the small crooks as well as the big baddies.

I enjoyed all the chapters and what was really great was that they tested your morality. Some of the questions asked you to pick a better evil and it really does play on your mind whether you made the right choice or not. It is good to have games that immerse you inside the world which I believe is a key factor of video games in general. So what kind of Batman did I play as? I played the original Batman where he does not kill yet he still has compassion.

I would definitely recommend playing this game because it is one of the best Batman games. It has a very interesting plot as well as easy game play. It’s available on every console and PC but I definitely recommend playing on console as it allows for easy control of the character. The game play is quite long as the episodes are at least an hour and a half long so have some snacks with you when listening and watching the story. Play it and see what kind of Batman you are.

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Review

Does Spider-Man do whatever a spider can? From what I saw about Spider-Man in the 2008 game was that Spider-Man drained my energy. Honestly he can do so much better than constantly saving and obsessing over Mary Jane and Black Cat. Spider-Man was so problematic, I decided to leave the game as it is. I did not even bother finishing the game because it was entirely time-consuming.

Web of Shadows follows Spider-Man as he has to rescue the city of New York from a symbiote invasion caused by Venom. That is literally it. I mean there are subplots where you and Luke Cage stop a gang fight; You stop a bunch of assassins ordered by Kingpin but other than that, you play as Spider-Man, saving New York from a symbiote epidemic. The game is a multi-choice game where your choices lead down different paths and different endings.

When I played the game, there was so much going on that I could not thoroughly enjoy the game. The fighting sequences were great and I was happy to see that there different fighting techniques that could help you get over the bad guys quickly. Animation was surprisingly well conducted and it did look a lot like a game. The one weakness was the story and game choices. There were too many missions in place and I could not immerse myself within the Spider-Man universe. The story line was stretched for so long and I did not even finish the end to see what Spider-Man I was.

Speaking about the choices, it was honestly pointless. It was not clear what kind of path you were going down and the choices were ridiculously stupid. The moment I gave up was when you have to fight a symbiotic Electro. The lead up to this moment was okay, I did enjoy sorting out the gang fight but other than that the story just unraveled into a poor mess. Wolverine was the best thing about the game as well as swinging through the city. Controlling Spider-Man was easy and the best thing about the game was swinging through the city. This free roam was the best bit and I don’t understand why people complain about the lack of free roam.

Do I recommend Web of Shadows? Honestly, no. The story is dry and lacking and honestly play the game for the way it is played. Free roam the game and fight some bad guys but don’t play to learn the story. The game is available on PC, and consoles up to PS3. So you can’t play the game on PS4 or Xbox One. So play the game for the game play not for the story.