Five Nights At Freddies Review

Since there is a movie upcoming by Blumhouse Production, it makes sense to take a good look at a game that has sent fans into a frenzy since 2014 and that game is the first game in the franchise: Five Nights at Freddies.

A survival horror game that tests your reflexes and management skills from switching between two doors and eleven cameras. You play a security guard, names Mike Schmidt  at a pizzeria where four animatronics roam around and decide to stuff you into an animatronic suit which makes your eyeballs pop out of your sockets. Fun, right(!?) The story is so simple but the creator just loves to intensify it that there are extensive amounts of theories regarding the lore of the games. Game theory has the best researched theory on YouTube.

What can I say about the first, other than it is quite impressive for a first game. When I first played the game, I was so terrified by the unexpected jumpscares that I abandoned the game for a good month before returning back to it and to try finish it completely … or at least what I could manage. Now going back to the game, the jumpscares are quite tame in this game compared to the other ones. The quality is blurry and that helps to elevate the scare factor. The static helps to make the cameras authentic.

The gameplay is definitely different to other games as the scares come to you rather than you go to the scares. In addition the monsters created are so interesting because the design is so intricate and detailed that they manage to look scary and stylistic at the same time which makes me appreciate the game. The four animatronics: Bonnie, Chica, Freddy and Foxy help to make the game iconic as well as the YouTubers that played it like Pewdiepie and Markiplier. I only managed to reach the fifth night and could not complete the sixth or the seventh because they are too difficult for me and I honestly do not have the patience like Markiplier does and so I watched his gameplay when he completed the entire game.

FNAF is a great indie horror game to play if you’re in the horror mood because it will make you jump when you least expect it … and also rage, cry and scream. You have to buy the game it is recommended you play the game with headphones because it requires you to listen rather than just watch but I think you’ll be just fine, provided you are not in a noisy room. I would recommend the game only if you are interested in jumpscares.



Alien: Isolation Review

SPACE! ACID BLOOD! XENOMORPHS! OH MY! How’s that for a mix of The Wizard of Oz and Alien? Alien: Isolation released in October and it was a game I thoroughly enjoyed and wished to express in words.

Alien: Isolation is a survival horror game full of references to the first Alien movie. The plot seems to be canon in the Alien series for it follows Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda who arrives at Sevastopol Station to get the Nostromo Flight recorder (The message Ellen Ripely recorded at the end of Alien). When she arrives, bad things are happening from Aliens to Synthetics. The aim is to survive and escape which is the same in all the other Alien movies but this one is survive/escape in a sophisticated way.

The game play is advanced and extensive so I hope you have enough patience to play the game because the entire game is fourteen hours. Other than that it plays amazingly well for it gives you steps to help you along your journey. The effects are amazing and they are an exact replica of the 1970s quality which is slightly staticky but all around badass. Even Space looked realistic and highly defined. It was amazing to see a contrast of visual quality from 1979 to 2014 and it really helped to sell the game as truly authentic and original to the Alien franchise.

The xenomorph was spectacularly designed and the game delivered highly in the scares and action which is very difficult to balance in games. The most difficult part of the game is attempting to recieve the trauma kit from the San Christobel Medical Facility. This was a complete nightmare having to sneak around to avoid detection from the xenomorph. I was constantly on edge and would have a mini heart attack whenever the xenomorph stabbed me through the chest or if it then came in front and decided to eat me with its alien mouth.  I enjoyed the fact that the game easily immersed me within the alien realm and I feel that is what most games should be nowadays.

I honestly would not recommend the game to those who do not like gore. However fans of the Alien series will have a blast from playing the game and expanding their knowledge of the alien franchise. You have to pay for the game and can play it on PC or game console. You must play the game because it was well made and the developers did a fantastic job creating a game with licensed Alien characters.

Dead By Daylight Review

Ever felt like you wanted to play a game with your friends that involved hide and seek but you didn’t want to go outside? I believe that this game is perfect for you, for this game allows you to play hide and seek … but you’re hiding from a monster that will sacrifice you to a God by yanking you on a hook. I would like to formally introduce you to the game: Dead By Daylight.

This is a multiplayer game of five people: Four survivors and one killer. The objective of the game is simple as it requires the survivors to start up five generators in order to escape the killer. The game is more focused on playing rather than plot I guess that doesn’t matter if all you want to do is re-enact your favourite horror movie. However the people that love plot, like me, will be interested by the backstory the developers have created for the killers since it gives you an insight on how and why the killers became who they are. The game released to everyone last year and it is continuously updated with new killers and playable DLCs that just adds to the excitement.

There are six killers in total with the latest killer having been released in December. The killers are as followed: The Trapper (Evan MacMillan), The Wraith (Philip Ojomo); The Hillbilly (Max Thompson Jr.); The Nurse (Sally Smithson); The Shape (Michael Myers) and The Hag (Lisa Sherwood). All these killers are perfectly designed and what is amazing that all these killers apart from The Shape is that the killers have all been created by the developers imagination.

It is so difficult to highlight my favourite killer because they all play so well but if I had to choose one, I would choose The Shape i.e. Michael Myers. Apart from the fact that he is an iconic horror movie character, he is the best designed killer of time. When he has the tiers, it allows for you to either kill with stealth or full on rage. Not only are the killers are amazing, the perks to go with the killers just increase the hype of the game play. Certain perks enable you certain hacks to beat either killers or the survivors like ‘Saboteur’ which allows you to take down the hooks or ‘Mori’ which is instant death for the survivor without having to put them on the hook.

The game is fantastic to play with friends and I believe it really shows how your friends are: whether they will rescue you off a hook and heal you or they will abandon you and leave through the exit while you are sacrificed to the entity. I honestly recommend playing the game provided you have to pay for it and you can receive some of the DLC’s for free but honestly this game is great to play with your friends. So connect on a Skype group chat and go out to either survive or kill your friends.

Christmas Shopper Simulator 2: Black Friday Review

This coming Friday is a long awaited day. It is the Black Friday sale in which many items: TVs, Game Consoles and clothes etc. get sold for very cheap prices like £50 or even £20 pounds. This is the day in which many people push and battle to get the cheapest items they don’t necessarily need. It is a day of violence. Instead of being shoved why not just stay at home and play Christmas Shopper Simulator 2: Black Friday.

This game is a promotion for the British retail company GAME in the UK and it is a solo sequel to Christmas Shopper Simulator. It released last year on November 20th and it was made with a similar idea to Goat Simulator in which you have law-defying physics and unstoppable amounts of humour. The plot is simple: Buy the items in the list and … that’s about it? The entire game really is about messing around and doing crazy things.

Playing the game brings out laughter in you and it certainly made me laugh many times when I did hilariously stupid things like increasing the speed on the escalators which sent twenty people flying straight into a wall. The game is a great coping mechanism if you are ever feeling low during the season of Christmas. Although I would like to draw out a few criticisms for the game.

Firstly and the main thing is that the game needs to run smoothly and this can allow for the comedy of the game to be more realistic. The game runs very slowly and the best I can get out of the game is nine frames per second which makes the game lag and be a huge pain. If the game ran smoothly, it would definitely make the comedy of the game more hilarious and jovial. I mean if the developers deliberately made the game run very staticky to annoy gamers, then hats off to them -they managed to annoy a lot of people.

Secondly and finally, the game should be more plot driven. I do understand that the main aim of the game is to allow users to mess around and have a laugh but I feel like there should be a bit of a more story. The story is basic – You have to go buy a list of things for your family members as well as complete a range of challenges. However if it was plot driven, it would definitely intrigue a greater audience and make for an interesting game but all in all the game does attract a different audience.

There is a free demo of the game on the GAME website but to get the full game would require some money. Honestly I would recommend downloading the free demo of the game as it will cheer you up if you ever feel down. Christmas Shopper Simulator 2: Black Friday is definitely a game that one should play in the holiday season with a mug of hot chocolate and a close companion to watch you torture a computer avatar.

Until Dawn Review

I still can’t sleep especially after seeing this game. Until Dawn, which released last year, is a terrifying game with exceptionally detailed graphics and an unexpected plot line. This interactive survival horror game is one which cleverly uses horror cliches to derive the gamer from the actual hidden monster of the game.

Until Dawn focuses eight teenagers who return to a cabin in the woods, a year after twin sisters: Hanna and Beth, of a member (Josh) from their group went missing.  Just after arriving: Sam, Ashley, Chris, Mike, Emily, Jessica and Matt are led through saw-style torture games by their friend Josh. However the story thickens as the forest is ruled by a monster known as the Wendigo. These teenagers have to wait and survive until dawn for help and rescue.

I’ll be honest when I first saw the game, I had continuous nightmares as the game was intricately designed and despite knowing it wasn’t real, it still felt real and that was because the plot line always kept you engaged. Especially the explanation of the game with the Butterfly effect. This reminder ensures that the gamer makes the right choices because certain choices have certain consequences like for example if you lead Ashley down a dark tunnel towards a voice, the wendigo beheads her and eats her.

So your choices have consequences, but the great thing about this game is that you can once you finish the game, you can replay it to find other secrets and discover different endings to the game: You can be a hero and save everyone or a heartless psychopath and kill everyone. The opportunities to endings are endless. I decided I would kill everyone except for Sam because everyone else were jerks. Although Chris, Ashley and Matt are not meant to be jerks, they were part of a prank against Hanna which led caused her to run out to the forest and to her demise with her sister Beth.

As well as the graphics and characters, the monster and psychopath were perfect as the first impression of the monster, given to the gamer is that it uses heat vision. Immediately, like every other geek, I thought “Oh my god! That’s Predator!” But as the story progressed we are introduced to the lore of the wendigo. It intrigued me and I did my own research about wendigos, which by the way seem genuine. I was impressed with the game developers research and it helped to make the game plausible. I was begging for Sam and Dean (Supernatural characters) to come and rescue everyone and kill the monsters with style.

The game is available to everyone. Just make sure you can handle gore because once you see it, it will take more than just holy water to just cleanse your eyes; it is horrific. Also do not expect a sequel because it seems hard to create a sequel from a game with multiple endings. Honestly I think you should play the game and see for yourself whether you are a hero or a psychopath.

Outlast 2 Demo review

Satanism, burning crosses and little girls screaming, what more could you ask for? That’s what Outlast 2 has to offer to gamers. This first-person survival horror game is packed full of jumpscares, incantations and anti-Christian symbolism.

Outlast 2 is the sequel to Outlast (2014). The demo version of the sequel released in April and I have to admit this had my heart pounding. Goosebumps erupted as I was introduced to disturbing sounds and imagery. Outlast is known for its brutality; somewhat Christian elements like crosses, bible reading etc. and gore.

The sequel takes place in the Arizona desert where a reporter, Blake Langermann is sent with his wife, Lynn to uncover the truth of the murder of a pregnant woman, Jane Doe. Their helicopter crashes and Blake and Lynn are separated. You need to navigate Blake through the dark woods in search for his wife. The search did not go well for me. The visuals and attention to detail granted a more realistic experience and the soud effects brought me into the Outlast world.

When you explore the houses, you meet people with their heads resting on the table, surrounded in a pool of their own blood. What a lovely sight to come to! Walking out of the house; to your right you notice a vicar staring creepily at you. He slowly backs away into the woods and you know you’re in some crazy deep crap. Walking further on you come across room. In said room was a baby manger splattered in blood. One side contains an altar with a latin incantation book on it, and on the other side is a huge cross. I was creeped out but the next sight almost had me flipping my computer off the table.

To know the next sight, you need to play the game. The jumpscares were well crafted and had my heart rapidly beating throughout the game. At some point I needed a defribillator to restart my heart but … that wasn’t necessary. I thoroughly enjoyed the game and can’t wait for the whole game to be released in October this year. The gameplay will definitely be different to the demo because I assume you would play Blake’s wife, Lynn. Why not Blake? Well let’s just say that Blake has an unfortunate incident involving a demon ripping his genitals out with a pickaxe.

Like I said, Outlast is notable for its gore and brutality so please do try out the demo and I can guarantee you, you will love to hate the gore. Outlast is a fantastically made game and let’s hope we don’t end up in a cabin full of demons and bodies.