This page will consist of character opinion pieces from any type of media outlets like video games, TV, films etc. The links are categorized as Character and all the links to the posts will be pasted here so you can select what my opinion is about certain characters.

The Walking Dead Character: Negan and Lucille Opinion piece

Supernatural Character: Charlie Bradbury Opinion Piece

Scream (1996) Character: Sidney Prescott Opinion Piece

Rick and Morty Character: Rick Sanchez C-137 Opinion Piece

Sherlock Character: Jim Moriarty Opinion Piece

Friday The 13TH Character: Jason Voorhees Opinion Piece

DCEU Character: Batman Opinion Piece

Batman (1989) Character: Joker, Jack Nicholson, Opinion Piece

Halloween Character: Michael Myers Opinion Piece

A Streetcar Named Desire Character: Stanley Kowlaski Opinion Piece

Suicide Squad Character: Joker, Jared Leto Opinion Piece

A Series of Unfortunate Events Character: Count Olaf Opinion Piece

X-Men Character: Wade Wilson, Deadpool Opinion Piece

X-Men Character: James ‘Logan’ Howlett, Wolverine Opinion Piece

Hollywood Sexual Abuse Scandal Piece

Suicide Squad Character: Harley Quinn Opinion Piece

Hamlet Character: Hamlet Opinion Piece

Black Panther Character: Erik Killmonger aka N’Jadaka Opinion Piece

Hamlet Character: Ophelia Opinion Piece

Nightmare on Elm Street Character: Freddy Krueger Opinon Piece